{Insta-Friday} Celebration Style …

So I like to draw out celebrations … there could be worse things right?? It’s called enjoying life … or an excuse to eat way too much junk … or a reason for special lunches and parties and cake and cake and cake.

Although seriously, I am all.caked.out. Gah! I know, how does that even happen?? Well 7 days in a row of carrot cake, followed by 2 days of red velvet. I was caked out!!

life rearranged

Here’s what else was happening through my phone lens since we last met up …

Love boys {big and little} in baseball caps.

10K Race New PR … have I mentioned that? Hmm, okay … still celebrating it!

Date night included an early dinner, a stop at Barnes & Noble for a special magazine and indoor soccer {for him, not me}. Unconventional? Maybe, but I’ll take it! {FYI … because it was asked on Instagram, the purse is my very first and only Coach purse, purchased at a Coach Outlet store last fall}

Homemade sourdough bagels a’la my Sweets. As good as is looks! 

Celebrating my birthday at my parents house with my Seester and BIL too. So sweet {and cute} my parents hung paper lanterns in their trees to decorate our outdoor dining.

Grocery shopping meant a new jar of Biscoff spread. Mmmmm.

Bunko night!! I *encouraged* those owning Toms to wear them … so of course we had to lay in the grass and document it, right?!?

Daisy girl trying to get in on my WIWW pics so I let her shine with a photo all her own. Love this pup.

Birthday lunch with my Sweets. Cafe Rio steak salad. I ate almost every bit of it and I’m not one bit ashamed.

Excited for a little more celebrating with a nice long weekend … bike rides, family photos, mud pie dessert, naps and who knows what other great things are going to happen! Happy Friday to you!!


  1. Happy Birthday, a bit belated but happy birthday just the same!!

    about Miss Daisy… is she a welsh corgi? If so, do you have any advice concerning owning a welsh corgi? They are a breed I adore but I know the “books” don’t always give all the information. Thanks! We own a big dog already, malamute/newfoundland mix but our youngest is dying for a little dog again as our last one was hit by a truck (died instantly) soon after we moved here. Once again thank you for any information you can pass along!

  2. Happy birthday!! I totally celebrate a birth week…it only comes once a year!!

    I love that polka dot plate!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Happy birthday! Congrats on your
    10k, thats awesome!
    The salad looks so yummy! :) Love the TOMS pic, so cute!
    Happy Friday :)

  4. Love all the Toms. Congrats on your 10K in 59 minutes! That is awesome!

  5. Birth-week? HEck, I say go for birth-month! I hope you have that beautiful purse perched in the basket on your sweet new bike.

    Happy looooooong weekend!

  6. hooray for a PR and birthday week :0)

    your birthday lunch looks yummy! i’ve never been to cafe rio. i need to add that to my places to go list.

  7. You rocked that race momma! Love seeing you on Instagram :) Have a happy full weekend!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Love the pics!

  9. So glad you had a great birthday week! & congrats on the new PR for 10k!

  10. Just stopped by via LifeRearranged.

    What is Bunko night? And I just recently purchased my first pair of Toms…Love them!!

  11. Congrats on the 10k and your birthday too. Just stopping in from Life Rearranged. And that salad looks delish!

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