{InstaFriday} for reals …

I love InstaGram … I was faking it before, but now that it’s come to the Andriod market, I see what all the hype is about. It’s just fun … I call it ‘visual twitter’ … everything is better with a picture right? Ehem, okay, maybe not EVERYTHING!

I just love celebrating the highs {trust me there are lows too, but who wants to spend energy re-hashing those??} of each day with these little snapshots.

So, here’s a re-cap, InstaFriday style, of the last 2 weeks since getting home from Snap! …

Baking cupcakes for Bestie’s baby shower … oh yeah, it was the night after we got back from Snap! Have I mentioned that? Oh, okay I’ll move on …
{Cupcake liners from Sweet Baking Supply c/o Snap! Swag Bag}
“Reunited and it feels so good …”
Yes, me and Miss J having a little quality time after not seeing each other for FIVE days. Making some bow tie bunting for the baby shower.
Baby Shower for Jessie {Mama} and Finnley {Baby} … it turned out so cute. I can’t wait to share the details of it next week!
We’ve had SO much rain around here … I’m starting to think we’re turning into OR via osmosis. Really thought I don’t mind it … I love going to bed with the window cracked and the sound/smell of rain.
Did I mention I hosted Bunko AT MY HOUSE two days after I got home from Snap! Oh again, I did?? Well I decided to do breakfast for dinner and made
What I really wore last Wednesday. I liked this outfit … apparently really liked it because I wore it again on Wednesday this week. Sporting my new @allorahandmade bracelet in coral.
Getting back into the running grove and feeling great. I’m working my way back up to 6miles for a 10K on May 19th.
Sweet Celebration of our new Pastor’s wife. Put my Queen Bee Market set up to good use one week later … people thought we were so creative … if they only new this was so last week!
Started up a game of Monopoly. I asked for bets on how long the game would last. Sadly {said sarcastically} do to some poor decision making at school, it was put away until this weekend.
Lots of color for church on Sunday. I also got ‘eyed’ at Costco I hear … and then that same person liked my photo on InstaGram. Small World.
{Bracelet, Allora Handmade / Ruffled Scarf, The Pleated Poppy
Another day, another run … this one with a bit of rain, but I still did it.
My Seester showing up with an Iced Trenta Black Tea … speaking my love language.
Love her, love my tea more too. I kid. I kid.
Library stop. Hoping these will last the Little for the next 2 weeks. However, he has already read 5 of them … and it’s only been 2 days!
I love this time of year when I can sneak in a run after dinner. However, my stomach often tries to revolt during the run, hence the slower time. Note to self – Do not eat a turkey dog and roasted veggies and expect an enjoyable run. Duh.
There you have it … a little bit of InstaGram from each day the last 2 weeks.
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  1. How fun! I love hearing/seeing all about your week(s). Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. You are a stinker :) But I know how you love your SB, and as great as I am I don’t provide the essential nutrient caffeine! Proud of all you accomplish each day, you are awesome!

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