My 5 Favortie Shoes {and my 5 shoe buying tips}

Inspired by Gussy’s prompt for this week, I want to show you my five favorite shoes {as of right now} and share 5 little tips when shoe buying.

Now, I’m not an expert shoe buyer, but I am a girl and I’ve bought a lot of shoes in my almost 35 years. So, I’ve got some buying history and over the years I’ve learned a thing or two.

{Trying to hide my flawed feet … my right foot is worse then my left.}

I’m also a girl with bunions. Ewww, did I just admit that?? Yep, thanks to my Mom {who can probably thank her Mom} I was genetically predisposed to having bunions. Which means I almost NEVER where heels. For one they hurt my feet after a short period of time and two, they cause your bunions to get worse more quickly. Having just watched my Mom go through the surgery, I’m in no hurry to go that route.

Which brings us to …

{Shoe #1 These are SO comfortable. Aersoles Laser Printz / Mustard, no longer available}

Tip 1.  Cute can also be comfortable. Cute does not have to equal a high heel. Shoes can be such a fun ‘accessory’ to an otherwise conservative outfit. If you’re looking to add a little punch to your style, start with a great pair of {versatile} shoes!

{Shoe #2 A favorite because they keep me injury free after lots and lots of miles. Worth all $100+. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11. Be sure to get a good fitting by professionals before you spend this kind of $$ on running shoes.}

Tip 2. Be willing to spend a bit on a good pair of shoes. Generally, the higher the price of the shoe, the better its quality. I know this is not true of A LOT of things, but with shoes I have found you get what you pay for. I would much rather spend $50-$100 on a pair of shoes that I can wear daily for years to come rather than $20 here and there on shoes that are uncomfortable and only last 6 months.

{Shoe #3 I love these boots. I’ve had them just over a year and they held up beautifully through winter. I think these will be a classic for me for years to come. Born Riding Boots / Garnet Hill, no longer available.}

Tip 3. Buy leather {unless you’re ethically opposed} or well made shoes. This ties in with Tip 2 … quality materials will generally equal a higher price. However, quality materials and workmanship will also mean YEARS not months of wear.

{Shoe #4 My newest pair of flats. I love all the details, from the pinked edge to the ruffle strap and big button. I got these at DSW and did not pay full price. Crown Vintage Button Flat / Gray, no longer available.}

Tip 4. Don’t think you have to pay full price. You can find great deals on high end shoes. I love shopping online and taking advantage of promotions, sales and free shipping. I also love being able to read reviews on sizing, comfort, etc. Just make sure if you order online that they offer FREE RETURN shipping as well. As far as brick and morter options, I love Dillards, DSW and TJ Maxx for great sales/deals on higher end brands.

{Shoe #5 These are a bit ‘wild’ for me, but I loved the colors and they go with a lot of my summer wear. I don’t regret taking a risk with these. Apt. 9 / Kohl’s, no longer available.}

Tip 5. Don’t be afraid to pick a ‘fun’ shoe in a ‘fun’ color. Seriously, if you’re not typically a ‘flashy’ dresser, try introducing that pop of flash all the way at the bottom of your outfit. It won’t make you feel like you stand out {no pun intended} but it will show a bit of your playful spirit coming through.

Don’t however, pick an overly trendy color that goes with NOTHING in your wardrobe. The last thing you want is a pair of shoes you can’t wear because they clash with everything. I have a pretty neutral closet so I find that I can wear my mustard yellow, aqua or gray flats with *almost* everything in my closet.

Want to see my newest pair … the ones that DO NOT fit my ‘flat and comfortable’ rule of thumb … we’ll see if I can pull them off AND wear them for more than 10 minutes ;).

I would be re-miss {in light of Maggie‘s adventures in Tanzania with Compassion International} if I didn’t mention that my favorite shoe company is TOMS. Favorite because of their mission, the core of the company, which is giving back. The one-for-one program. So, I do own a pair of TOMS and while I admit, they are VERY comfortable … I still think they are as ugly as can be ;).

Toms, Ash University Rope

However, each time I slip mine on I think of a child getting to slip on shoes {and what a BIG deal that is to OWN ONE PAIR of shoes} and then I don’t really care what they look like anymore. The *child* I normally picture in my mind is our Compassion kiddo, who is the same age as my little. Which then reminds me to pray for Broakline {who just happens to live in Tanzania where Maggie is right now!}.

Now tell me about your favorite pair of shoes or shoe buying advice!


  1. Cute shoes!!! I also believe in buying good shoes. The only problem is that I can’t wear flats of any kind. I have a very narrow heal and they ALWAYS rub a blister on my heal. So, I have to find a shoes with a strap across the top of the foot. I have a ton of shoes, but boots are my all time favorite. If I could wear them year round I would. Oh, I have had my bunions removed years ago and it is very painful. : (

  2. OH I can feel your pain literally! You see we suffer from tailor’s bunions (otherwise known as a bunionette because it is located outside the little toe) but ours (my son & I) are caused by a bone being curved instead of straight. My poor son had to have corrective surgery last year as a freshman in high school. A process which included having an angle cut in the bone and then wiring the bone so it was straight… yep and I need the same surgery.

    Thank you for sharing these shoes because I am in desperate need of new shoes!! My 6 year old Birkenstocks have been resoled once but are now just too worn. Once again thank you for sharing!! Now I have some really great ideas of what to look for!!

  3. Those last ones surprised me! They’re super cute but just not typical Andrea shoes. You know what I mean. :) I was just thinking the other day that I desperately need new shoes for summer. And not just because my TOMS have a hole in them :)

  4. Cute shoes! Ilove the tips too! :)

  5. Another hint…keep track of the miles you run in running shoes. They need to be retired at least every 500 miles. Also, be sure you but the one for your arch; I wore medium arch shoes for 250miles…I have a high arch. I got shin splints and tendinitis and it’s frustrating.

  6. TOMS are what I want for mother’s day. I need to replace my slip on black sketchers I’ve worn to death. Your little guy’s picture hangs by my little guy’s picture on the fridge, we’re pray for Broakline too! Have you read, Kisses from Katie? I want to move to Uganda or Tanzania and share the love of Jesus with all those kids.

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