Snap! {Re-Cap 1} InstaGram Style

Alright, lets get these Snap! re-cap post started so I can start talking about something else!!

This post is going to be all about the photos from Snap! and a few snippets to go with each one. I’ll also try to post about what I learned from Snap! & my thoughts on my first blogging conference. And a post about the handmade market and my booth set up {the only thing I have ‘good’ photos of … thanks to my Seester}. And if you’re lucky that will be it ;).

Now, on with the less than perfect, but oh-so-fun InstaGram photos taken by both me & my sister::

DAY 1~

With our rented ‘swagger wagon’ packed, me & my entourage {more on them at the end of the post} headed out on our 5 1/2 hour road trip to Snap! at Thanksgiving Point. Did I mention we started this adventure at 5AM, which means we woke up around 4AM, after going to be at close to 1AM. Yeah, not enough sleep … good thing 4 girls in a car = lots of talking and laughing. {Reason #173 Why I Love My Entourage}

We only had about 30 minutes to spare between arriving/checking-in and making it to the first session, Blogging Basics. Well we arrived a bit too late and  both sessions were already packed with standing/sitting floor only. So we took advantage of our little ‘break’ and grabbed some lunch and then stalked the room waiting for their ‘break.’ We snuck in and had floor seats … but a great view from where we sat.

Dinners were held in the Show Barn {@Thanksgiving Point} and was a wonderful venue for both our dinners and the Queen Bee Handmade Market. Thursday night’s dinner was sponsored by Scentsy’s new product line, Velata {aka fondue}. Mmmm.

DAY 2~

Session #1 “Happy Chaos: Turning Your Passion into a Business” featuring Lindsey {The Pleated Poppy}; Ashely {Lil’ Blue Boo}; Liz {Dear Lizzy}; and Jessica {Allora Hanamdade}

Again we had floor seats. At some events you have to pay more to be this close, but not here ;).
After lunch, my entourage started set up of my Queen Bee Market Booth while I attended Session #2 for the day, The Turning Point. 
I hurried out of that session to head over and check-out {i.e. micro manage} the set up of my booth. I should have just stayed out it … my girls had my back and set up everything beautifully {more on my set up in a post of its own}. {Reason #472 Why I Love My Entourage}
Not wanting to wait ‘all the way’ until dinner time and more truthfully, not wanting to miss the chance at In-n-Out, we headed out for some delicious grub ‘animal’ style. It did not disappoint and we were not one bit sad about missing Friday’s dinner. We got back in plenty of time to be a part of {shop, spectate and work security} the opening night of the market.
** P.S. Did I mention I one a sewing machine that night?!? **
Day 3~

My Sister-in-Love, Julie, talked me into getting up at 6:15AM for a 3mil run. We did it!

Session #1 Power of Personal
Session #2 Creative Collaboration

In the middle of session #2 I got a text letting me know ‘my crack’ was being held hostage in the hallway. I snuck out to find my precious, my SB Iced Tea. {Reason #763 Why I Love My Entourage}

The rest of Saturday was spent at the market, wrapping up the market and checking out the beautiful grounds at Thanksgiving Point … tulips everywhere!

The night ended with another delicious dinner, a hilarious keynote speaker and a dance party.

It was a wonderful experience, a great time away with some of my favorite girls and a chance to meet so many other creative, beautiful and encouraging ladies. Here are a few I was lucky enough to {remember to} snap photos with::

Me & Jessica
Maggie & I
Me & Meg
Maggie, Jessica, Lindsey & I
I missed taking photos with many other ladies … something I’ll chalk up to newbie mistakes … but I’m so glad I had a chance to meet so many I’ve admired from afar, even if I don’t have a photo to prove it!
A huge thank you to my wonderful entourage {we did not get ONE SINGLE photo together on the trip … but these two were snapped the night after we got back at my Bestie’s baby shower}::
Trying to looked posed and proper … but really …
This was more how we looked spending our time together. Love these girls!
{My Bestie, My Seester, My Sister-in-Love & I}
There you have it … Snap! InstaGram style!


  1. So cool! It all looks like so much fun, and I’m proud of you for putting on your extrovert pants and gettin out there to work it 😉

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