Sparkle … {WIWW}

pleated poppy

Well, I’ll be honest, last week had a lot of jeans, t-shirt/sweatshirt & ponytail wearing that wasn’t really worth sharing. I was recovering from a bunch of sewing that left me with a bum right shoulder so I took most of last week off from sewing and instead focused on ‘loving on’ my house. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the house, cooking dinners, etc. The kinda things perfect for jeans and a t-shirt/sweatshirt.

I did ‘dress up’ a few times though …

Famous Potato Marathon {or 10K in our case}::

Shirt – Target; Compression Shorts – Husband; Sparkle Skirt – Team Sparkle; Socks – SmartWool, Shoes – Brooks Adrenaline; Accessories – SPI Belt & Garmin 305

Oh yeah, I didn’t just dress up for my 10K run Saturday AM, I SPARKLED for it! Don’t you dare snicker at that skirt, the sparkle power worked as I secured a new 10K PR of 59:12 {almost 3.5 minutes faster than two year ago}.

{I’m hoping my SIL doesn’t kill me for posting this picture … but seriously, she amazes me. I’ll just toot her horn a little … as she nears, eh-hem, a half a century, she is not only running, but running longer and faster than she ever thought she could. With more than 10 years in age difference, she only *let me* beat her by 3 stinkin’ minutes. What does that say about me?!? And can you tell she’s a pretty proud new-ish Grandma?? I hope I’m a running grandma too!}

Date night::

Blouse – TJMaxx; Jeans – Gap Long & Lean; Shoes – Born; Necklace – Kohl’s

I pushed my knee a little too hard at the race Saturday morning so I wasn’t able to wear my new wedges for date night. Boo!

Birthday dinner with my family::

Shirt – GAP; Pants – JCP; Flips – LLBean; Necklace – Kohl’s / Bike – Parents via WalMart

Such a fun evening at my parents house {with my sister and BIL too} eating outside {pizza & salad}, enjoying dessert {red velvet cake & fruit salad} and opening presents …

Like a new bike!! I said it already, but I felt like I was 12 again getting a bike for my birthday from my parents. Love it!!

Happy Wednesday … I hope you made it out of your lounge pants/PJ pants at least once or twice this week!


  1. Those teal pants are great!! And holy crap. I NEVER would have guessed that she was old enough to be a grandma. I stared at the picture for a minute to see if you were joking.

  2. I thought the grandma t-shirt was a joke too! Wow I hope I look that good when I hit grandma status! And of course you as always look adorable! Love the date night outfit! Hope your knee and shoulder are on the mend!

  3. Congrats on your fabulous 10k time and I LOVE your birthday look. Pink and teal is one of my favorite color combos and I actually wore something similar for my birthday a few months back! ~Visiting from WIWW~

  4. Love the sparkle skirt! & yes, your sister does NOT look old enough to be a grandma! :)

    I’m also loving the bright pops of color in the bike pic; so cute!

  5. Very cute outfits! I love the bike too!!!

  6. LOVE your bike picture. you are too cute!

    hoping over from WIWW. glad to find your blog!

  7. Your bike is soooo cute!!!
    My husband just did a marathon this past weekend and I commented on all the sparkle I saw. I’ve never seen so much!!!!

  8. Love your teal pants! And that bike!! I’ve been wanting a bike forever. Never thought to ask my parents for one for my birthday. I know what I’m asking for on my 40th birthday this year. :)

  9. A matching bike and outfit? Too cute~ I love it! And congrats on doing that 10k!

  10. i got my colorful pants at JCP, too! love your bday outfit!

  11. Love the last outfit! Those colors are great together!

  12. Love the brightly colored pants. Darling! And I love your bike.

  13. I’m actually going to ask for a new bike sometime soon. Yours is so cute!!! And LOVE the sparkly skirt…perfect touch for a run!

  14. Love the colored denim! You look so cute in that outfit (the bike helps too:) Found you blog through WIWW today.

    Pink Chai Style

  15. Love the sparkle skirt and the green jeans are awesome!
    Found you on the, wanted to stop by and say hello! pippa

  16. Julie T. says:

    Thanks so much for the accolades and encouragement. I never would have started running without your example! Love running with you! 7 miles here we come!!!

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