Phew, Friday, already??
Where did the week go?

Oh wait, I know … PJ/Movie Day / Playdates {2} /  Birthday BBQ / Ortho Appt / Sister-Aunt Date / Swimming … and all while the Mister of the house was out of town.

This mama is TIRED.

Here’s a peek at what it looked like::

Last Friday was the Last Day of 2nd Grade for the Little. A great excuse reason to buy mini powdered ‘donettes.’ Terrible for us I am positive, but as my Little said, ‘pure deliciousness.’
A happy greeting when we got home from school, celebrating the First Day of Summer Break.
Early morning run … starting to grow on me. 
Me and my newer new bike. Post coming about why I had to return my other one, how I ended up with this beauty and why I currently hate bike tires. {And yes, I color coordinated my outfit with the bike … not really.}
Logging more miles with bike rides. The Little and I set a goal of 20 miles. When we reach our goal we get ice cream. I have a feeling 20 won’t be nearly hard enough … so either we have a lot of ice cream or the goal gets progressively harder.
Another morning run, but my muscles were protesting the ‘jump out of bed and run’ routine. I had to walk the last mile.
Ding Dong Doughnuts to brighten someones day {and ours too … Mmmm}. Thank you Joy’s Hope for the adorable free printable!
Enjoying the first day of summer with a run with my sister, Summer.
First swim of the summer. A bit crazy, but we’re so thankful for this family opening up their pool to let us all come swim once a week. And by us, I mean the kids … I only jump in for emergencies.
My great niece loving her first pool experience. No really, she was … but at this time she was about 5 minutes away from a full on nap in the pool. Love her to pieces!
The aftermath of three hours of fun in the sun.


3AM Wake-Up call from Bestie … my “nephew” is on his way … so excited, anxiously waiting for updates and Skype virtual arrival. I’m going to be even more tired now. Totally worth it!

I hope you had a wonderful week too! I had great intentions of several other posts, but you know, they just didn’t work out and I refused to stress out about it. There’s always next week!
life rearranged


  1. Your son is surrounded by quilts—looks like my son’s bed! He still asks for more too:) Makes me smile.

    You probably already burned off the donuts–exercise is great!

  2. It looks like a GREAT start to summer!! I am trying hard to do early morning work outs, too…it is so hard but these sunny summer mornings make it easier to get out of bed. :o)

  3. hi :) hopping over via instafriday link-up. i love early morning runs too and i should really invest in a nice good gps watch. they are just SO pricy! i’m glad that my boys aren’t the only ones surrounded by a gazillion of stuffed animals. and swimming is a great start of summer!! happy friday! :)

  4. I’m hard pressed to find a cheap thrill better than powdered donettes. So yummy!

    And that little munchkin in the raft? So cute! I just want to squeeze her chubby sweetness!

  5. I was wondering why I had a like post on instagram from you at 4am, yay happy baby day!!

    Congrats auntie!

  6. Looks like a great first week of summer! (minus the park incident of course! sheesh!)

    So excited about baby F!

  7. What an awesome start to your summer of freedom. Bike tire, park incident and all :) So happy I got to enjoy some time with you and E even if it wasn’t exactly as planned. So excited for this baby to be! Sounds like a trenta day to me 😉

  8. What a great week! Makes me tired too! 😉
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

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