We’re celebrating the last day of school today!! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!
This makes my mama heart so very happy!!
Daisy girl has been a bit clingy lately. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or crazy thunderstorms … but she’s always close by. It cracks me up to look over from sewing and see her snoozing away on her back.
Are you sick of these running watch photos? Just documenting my progress for #40milesinJune. Also, my love of Vitamin Water as an after run ‘treat’. Seriously, so good. 
Run Happy. Speaking of running, I got new shoes after noticing a lot of little aches and pains. Same brand/style {Brooks Adrenaline} I’ve been in for 3 years, just the newest model. 
They happen to go nicely with my newly planted pots on the front porch. I can’t wait until these are all filled in with flowers and I can do a before and after comparison.
A daddy working late means I can get away with a bowl of berries and yogurt for dinner. Mmmm.
Working on a tutorial for the blog using super cute Riley Blake fabrics. 
Dragging myself out of bed EARLY for a morning run {thanks to some great encouragement on Instagram}. The sunrise alone might be worth it. In a few weeks I know the temperature difference will really be worth it.
Not my fastest at that early hour, but it feels great to start the day with it already done!
Helping my Seester sew a liner for this peach crate she got at Farm Chicks. It was quite ‘rustic’ on top and she wanted to be able to fill it with blankets or what not. She did a great job!
life rearranged
And that almost wraps up this week. Next week will be all about celebrating the start of summer break!!


  1. Awesome job keeping up with your running, very inspiring!!! Live the table runner under the Pepsi crate. I have one too and was wondering what you put in yours? And that liner on your sisters is to die for!!!

  2. The 40 miles in June thing is impressive on it’s own but the fact that you GOT UP EARLY is even more so! :) Way to go you!
    Love Summer’s crate liner! It’s really, really cute!

  3. What dedication! Your dog is cute. I’m sure thunderstorms are very scary to him. Have a great weekend!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

  4. I have the same Vitamin water chilling in my fridge right now for after my next run! Wish I could set an ambitious 40 mile goal for the month. Good luck!

  5. Julie T. says:

    Yeah for running early! It must have been very early to catch the sunrise! Welcome to your summer! Let’s catch some time together soon!

  6. Hey girl… LOVE this post… I need you to help me get motivated to start running again! Your watch. Your times. Your new shoes are making me at least want to! LOL And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your seesters peach crate lining. ADORABLE idea… miss ya…ooxx`jod

  7. yeah for the earning morning runs!

    glad your joining some of us crazy ladies for those beautiful sunrises :o)

  8. I love a corgi napping on her back! The liner for the peach crate looks awesome! Have a good week.

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