life rearranged

Hmmm …
Are you noticing a trend around these parts?
Hello Monday post + WIWW post + Insta-Friday post = my secret blogging formula.

Or my … plugging along at life and don’t have time for more creative projects/posts formula. My sanity savor.

Don’t worry, those other posts will happen again, I promise.

Farm Chicks finds … this was our third cart load.
Hotel bed + favorite PJ’s + great girlfriends + cupcakes = perfect ending to a very fun day.
Coming home to the “Julep Maven Golden Box” = perfect ending to a crazy good weekend.
Kicking off the start of #40milesinJune with a sluggish run thanks to the heat + humidity {pretty sure I would become a treadmill runner if I lived in the south}.
Pretty posh for an emissions testing waiting room … tile, leather & free beverages. I kinda wished they took longer.
A little self pampering. Painted my toes with Essie’s Mojito Madness and edged them with Essie’s Set in Stones {both gifted to me by my sweet niece}.
Then I took my toes for a run. It must have been the sparkles … because look, I shaved 1:20 off my last time. Or maybe it was the much cooler weather?!? 8/40 miles complete.
My after run ‘treat’ … Vitamin Water. Love them. Not the ZERO, I’d rather have natural sugar than artificial. Energy, Essential and Recovery are my favorite flavors. {P.S. Target has them on sale 10/$10.00 and you get a 6 pack of Smart Water for free through tomorrow.} 

Fresh berries and fresh whip cream. Mmmm.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy weekend to you too! Love seeing you on Instagram :)

  2. fun finds!

    i’ve only been in the convenience store at the fast eddy’s but wowza the shop looks awesome. i might have to “justify” going there :o) my kids love fast eddy’s. its a treat if we stop there. one of my friends has used the drive thru to get milk or a soda. pretty much genius!

    enjoy the weekend!

  3. Oh I WANT that Julep box! Such pretty colors :)
    Awesome job on your runs! The heat is awful to run in :( I think it took me about that long to do 3mi the other day! Not fun..
    I need to check out the 40mi in June, just saw that on Joys Hope today.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Is that swanky waiting room at the swanky gas station with the swanky bathroom? I may need to check it out!
    Cute toes. Love the green & the sparkle together!

  5. wow, 40 miles in June?
    now that is awesome… i wish i could pull that off somehow.

    look at your cute toes! i love
    that color, you’ve inspired me to
    give it a try.

    i wonder what crazy stuff is hiding in that couch that 50,000 people have sat on?? lol

    have a wonderful week :)

  6. looove the berries + whip cream picture! so pretty, and makes me hungry! 😉

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