Saying Hello to summer’s freedoms …

The way I figure it, I have {at best} 10 more true ‘summers’ with my Little.

The way I know it, we only have 7 precious weeks of “summer break” {our school is on a year-round calendar}.

Which means …

I’m saying hello to summer freedoms and goodbye to all those pesky daily ‘restraints.’

Today we’re saying hello to a day of PJ’s and movies to celebrate the first real day of summer break.

We’re saying goodbye to packed lunches and morning routines.

I’m saying yes to time together even if it means putting ‘the business‘ on a summer schedule. I’m saying yes to being a mom and wife first and a business owner second. I’m saying yes because in my heart I know that is what is best for us, for me. I don’t want to miss out on these precious numbered days because I had my own agenda … because I was measuring success in my day by sales in my shop … because I was too busy comparing myself and trying to keep up …

I’m saying goodbye to guilt over ‘not getting enough done.’ Guilt over not posting a blog post when or as often as I’d like. Guilt over not being present enough online … I mean seriously, guilt because I was too busy living in the present real life?? Goodbye!

We’re saying hello to lots and lots and lots of bike rides. In fact not only are we logging our summer miles, me and my Little have a challenge in place. 20 miles = ice cream/shave ice/treat.

{not our Daisy girl, but couldn’t resist the corgi cute / source}

Hello swimming, sprinkler, parks and playdates.

Hello yummy eats. Homemade popsicles. Baking days.

Hello star gazing and late night walks.

I’m saying hello to a lost love … reading. I have lofty goals of reading {7} books, but I’ll be happy if I can get through {3}.

Mostly, I’m saying hello to following my heart and trusting in Him to work out the rest. I’m saying goodbye to feeling bad or guilty and giving it over to Him when I do.

I trust that those of you that really enjoy this blog will stick around even on the weeks when posts are few … just know that I’m out enjoying life with my Little and I’ll pop in when I have the time and inspiration to post. I hope that you give yourself the freedom to say hello to some of those things you’ve been putting off and goodbye to some of the stuff we give too much importance to.

Hello Monday, Hello You!


  1. Good for you! This summer I decided to just go with the flow also as our eldest graduated and leaves for USMC later this fall. Does he have a job currently? nope but not for lack of putting in applications! Is he and his brother’s enjoying just laying around? Most definitely! They swim in the pool, play video games, do odd jobs when I ask, and attend different functions…. sports practices, music practices, the occasional skit practice for the summer mission trip… and LOTS of homemade popsicles, watermelon, homemade pizza, and grilling. For me its a time to reconnect and draw closer to my Savior… a time to savor what little time we have together all at home! Enjoy your summer!! :)

  2. This sounds awesome. You are an amazing mama, wife, sister and friend and we all love you for it. Loved hanging out with you yesterday, just relaxing and talking. *BTW: Simpson won the open.* Enjoy your summer seester!

  3. I love this! You’re going to love your summer of freedom & so will E! Enjoy your jammie day! Maybe you can get a little reading in while you’re lounging about…I know you have a good book to read!

    (bee tea dubs, I just noticed I show up on your sidebar as visiting from New Jersey! I promise you I’m just a few miles across town! :))

  4. What a fantastic post! It is hard to balance all of life’s demands, especially the ones that we put on ourselves. Good for you to put your priorities in order! Have a great summer:)

  5. Yum! This post makes me all kinds of happy! I want to find the amazing in my own summer world over here! Must do ASAP!!!

  6. Happy Summer to you too and great job drawing the line. You can’t run a business well if you run yourself into the ground. I applaud the approach you are taking.

  7. Any luck on a bike yet?

    I need to do that this summer too;) Chill!!!

  8. Sounds like an amazing way to spend your summer! Enjoy!

  9. great post! i can definitely relate! i’m trying so hard to get some work done asap so i can enjoy the summer with my kids too.

  10. what a perfect want to spend the first day of summer break!

    i love your biking idea. what a great motivation to get out there and move more with your little one.

    what’s on your summer reading list? i love to read. i do usually get more reading done in the summer. yeah!

  11. LOVE this post and all your hellos! Enjoy all of that precious time momma!

  12. They grow up so fast! I am glad you are listening to your heart. Enjoy this time…

  13. A resounding YES to this. This very thing has been on my heart daily! We will say “hello” to many memories this summer:-))

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