{WIWW} Farm Chicks

pleated poppy
What does a girl where to the Farm Chicks Antique Show?
{My Seester, Me, Empire of Mayhem}
Well first, I could give you a whole list of ‘what NOT to wear’ to the Farm Chicks Show …
Short Dresses {Too much squatting down and bending over.}
White anything {Antiques = Dirty}
Heels {Lots of walking and being on your feet all day.}
So, my outfit was chosen with the hopes of being cute {after all I was going to an event with the word ‘Chicks’ in it} and practical. My hair style on the other hand was chosen as a result of the rain I’d be standing in waiting to get into the show. No point doing much of anything to it.
Boyfriend Cardigan – Target; Top – Forever 21 {$10.50!}; Jeans – Old Navy {old}; Flips – L.L. Bean; Purse – Kate Spade, Necklace – Ike&Co {love … more on this soon}, Double Headband – Sweet Ties Hair Ties & Cupcakes – Sweet Frostings.Blissful Bakeshop {salted carmel & apple pie}


  1. I’m loving the boyfriend cardigan!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things.

  2. You look totally cute and comfy, I’d say mission accomplished!

  3. I think we need to know more about that bag! So cute! Love the whole outfit 😉 Can’t wait to hear more on that necklace!

  4. I love this outfit and the great colors you paired together!

  5. Oh this picture makes me happy for so many reasons! :)

  6. Love the pops of color! I would glady take your rain and we rarely get any in Southern California! :)

  7. SO LUCKY!! I bet Farm Chicks was amazing!!! Love the purse!!

  8. cute necklace! love it!

    i am so going to that cupcake shop next winter when we are up in coeur d’alene for morgan’s gymnastics meet. the girls will love it!

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