{WIWW} My Running Top 10

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Because I haven’t been great about documenting my outfits and …

Because I’ve been trying to get out and run more {have you taken the 40 miles in June challenge??} …

I give you my “Top Ten Running Essentials” {at least for this week}::

#1 Shoes {obviously}
The most important piece of running gear. I’ve blah, blah, blah-ed about it before, but I highly recommend going to a local running shop and getting properly fitted. Not based on price, not based on cute, but based on your stride, how you land and what will function best for you.

I’ve been in Brooks’ Adrenaline for 3 years in a row. I just got my new ones {above} this week. They work. They keep me {mostly} pain free. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Although … I really want to try a more ‘minimalist’ shoe because I like the concept {and to be honest their super fun colors}. But I’m not willing to risk injury for them. My running shop recommend the Saucony Kinvara if/when I want to try to make the transition SLOWLY.

#2 RoadID  – ShoeID
It’s a great idea to have your personal information on you if you’re an outdoor runner. I don’t want to think about someone ever needing to know this, but it’s smart, good, peace of mind.

#3 Socks
I love my  Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks. I switched to these about a year ago and my feet feel great after running. I’ve also had very few blisters since I switched. I got two pairs of this color, sunrise, for my birthday. They make me smile when I put them on.

#4 Running Shorts
Never did I think I would embrace running shorts. But I have and I love them … built in brief a must! I have three pairs I rotate through, but surprisingly, my Old Navy ‘cheapy’ ones are my favorite fit. Win!

#5 Running Tank
A must for summer running. Less is more. I love, love, love this ‘Bra Cup Racerback’ tank from Athleta because of it’s built in bra. It has an actual sports bra built into it and it is sized as a bra would be. I have it in two colors, but seeing as how all the colors are now a nicely priced $19.99, I think I’ll be ordering at least one more!

Now here comes the gadgets and ‘do-dads’ …

#6 Running Watch
A Christmas gift from my Sweets, I really love my Garmin Forerunner 305 even though I don’t use 1/10 of the features. I tend to base my runs by mileage rather than time, so I love knowing where I’m at and how much longer I have. Of course, this can be awful too … I try to limit how often I can look at the watch {it’s such a mental game}. 

#7 Music
Music is a must for me. I understand the importance/benefit of learning to run without it … and I can if push comes to shove … but in the beginning it was the thing that kept me going. I like to ‘reward myself’ with new songs after a week of good running ;). I still have my moldy {it’s green} oldy Nano that keeps on keepin’ on. Nike+ is what I first used to track my mileage and while it’s not all that accurate, I still use it for the fun of the interactive Nike+ website.

#8 Gum
I *almost* always chew gum while I run. Okay, not so much chew … but ‘hold it’ in my cheek until I need to get the saliva flowing. Too much information? Sorry, it was one of those things I wished I’d know/thought of when I first started running. Dry mouth is the worst. I really like Stride’s Bubble Mint.

#9 Chapstick
Burt’s Bees every time before I start and one with me while I run too!

#10 Uhm, my fanny pack??
My SPI Belt expands to hold my phone, my chapstick, extra stick of gum and my iPod.

Happy Running!


  1. oh my goodness- gum! it makes such a difference. gum and chapstick are at the top of my list too! and if i dont have my husband to chat to on a run, i must have music or i get bored. its the mental boost i need.

  2. As a new runner, your running posts have been incredibly helpful. I ran my first 5K last weekend, and I have a mini triathlon coming up this month. And tomorrow when I run, I am trying out your gum trick. Thanks!

  3. I hate it when I forget to put on chapstick before I leave…maybe I need a “fanny pack” to keep that kind of stuff in. 😉 & I love having my RoadID, even though I don’t want to have to need it. At least I have the peace of mind that they’ll be able to get in touch with my husband if something did happen.

  4. I think I need to get Mike one of those fanny packs. And Burt’s Bees…love it but I could quit at anytime :)

  5. Gum… that is interesting. I usually take a water and/or gel break after every 4 miles because that is usually when i start getting slimey cotton mouth. I would be worried about choking on the gum… I’m that talented 😉

    Interesting fanny pack… is it comfortable to wear? We need something to hold our gus for our upcoming 1/2 marathon since neither of our shorts have pockets. Might have to check something like this out. Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Ps. I didn’t know about this 40 miles challenge – thanks for sharing! Just 2 weeks into the month I’ve already completed my 40 miles but I love that women are motivating women in bloggy land to get out there, be active and happy!

  6. I NEED to start running again. I miss it. I just can’t seem to get motivated… Wish you lived closer. :)

  7. i do NOT have the runner id… probably need to get one since i do run outside most of the time… many times out of town.

    i have never run in shorts. always capris or i did do a running skirt when i did my marathon. i am not sure i loved it. maybe with all these miles my legs will start to get slimmer and i can feel more comfortable running in shorts. i will add them to my birthday wish list :O)

    i have been wanting a garmin forever. i have had two other heart rate monitors/watches that haven’t lasted or lance has taken to use so i am without right now. i love that the garmin does intervals. any run over 6-8 miles i do walk/run intervals. if i decide to sign up for that half garmin will be a must have… again something else for my wish list

    this was a fun list!!

  8. We have the roadID bracelets– I didn’t know they had a shoe tag! That tank looks too awesome. I need to get myself back into running!

  9. I’m an amateur runner and these are great things to know!! Thanks for sharing! I hate gum period but I’ll need to give it a shot. I do hate dry mouth while running. It’s the worst!!

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