A girl and her bike …

If you’ve been hanging out around this here blog much this summer you’ll notice I’ve been talking a lot about {leisurely} bike riding.

{Me & Cruiser #1}

It all started when my parents bought me a cruiser bike for my 35th birthday in May. The cruiser bike I had on my birthday wish list, that I picked more on price and looks than anything else. You see, my Sweets had been hesitant to buy me a bike thinking that I wouldn’t really ride it much. I can appreciate that, but for two years I’d really wanted a bike to ride with my Little AND to ride my Knitty Bitties packages to the postal annex close by.

And so … my I put in on my wish list and my parents were thrilled to buy it for me. Seriously, I think it made my Dad as happy as when I was 8 and he bought me my first {banana seat and all} bike. Which of course made me happy.

So I go for a few rides on my new wheels and get a flat tire. We have these nasty things called ‘goat heads’ that come from weeds in this area and nicely puncture tires.

{Long story short} My Sweets ended up purchasing and replacing 3 pre-sealed/slimed tubes, each exploding and pushing the tire off the rim. This happened with both the front and rear tire. At $8-$10 a tube, we were now invested in the bike 30% of its original cost. We were both frustrated and returned {with all the usual hassle that accompanies returns at this store} the bike.

{Me & Cruiser #2}

The good news is my husband saw I was serious about wanting a bike and he told me we’d shop around locally and get a better quality bike that could be serviced locally.

We ended up buying from a shop that has been in business 30 years and had wonderful customer service. Honestly, I was shopping for looks more than anything, but was happy that the shop that ended up having what I wanted was also had the best service.

I ended up with this little beauty, a Raleigh Retroglide. Picked purely for looks … loved this color combination. ::swoon::

Yes, it was three times the cost of the original cruiser.

Yes, you notice the quality difference.

I’ve already logged over 50 miles on this bike and plan to ride many, many more. My longest ride has been 8 miles and I was plenty comfortable, so I could see going for a much longer ride as long as I didn’t have to ride too fast {10mph seems just about perfect}.

I’ve also added a basket and wrote a DIY post on how I made my basket liner. Your packages ride in style and I feel quite green riding them to the post office. Seriously, riding a bike just makes you happy. I need to add a bell and I’ll be all set.

So there you have it, probably more than you wanted to know, but I’ve received several e-mails wanting more information, so hopefully this helps those of you looking into purchasing a bike.

{Me & My Seester}
** This post was sponsored by ME, with nada received from Huffy, WalMart or Raleigh. **


  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I was thinking about getting the same exact huffy bike you started out with. Maybe I will think about it more closely now. Do you all have a lot of hills? My father in law is worried about me getting a non speed bike with all the hills near us.

  2. Pretty classy you and your seester on your bikes!

  3. I love my cruiser and basket but lately, while running Jake, I have been thinking I need a bike with gears so I can go faster. But I don’t want to give up my cute bike. ;o) Because I too shopped on looks.
    And isn’t it the greatest going on bike rides with the kiddos. That’s one of my favorite family activities!
    Are you feeling better? I can’t seem to kick this cold and I still have no energy. After getting ready this morning I needed a nap. Ha.

  4. I’ve been wanting a bike for a long time, but with no where to store it right now (we live in an apt.) my dreams will have to wait. But i’ve been loving seeing all your bike shots on Instagram! You’re so cute! Love your cute bike too!

  5. Yay!! I like the basket you put on there too. I think I remember looking at that Raleigh bike you have now. It is a pretty sweet ride! Well whenever this one decides to call it quits (not wishing it would either!) I will look into a better bike. I was being frugal this time around to see if I would get into it enough to ride it all the time.

  6. So glad you are riding regularly! We checked out the Yurts at City of Rocks, and the park has all paved drives – which might be great for bike riding! The area is remote, and pretty desolate – but it is also incredibly beautiful. Took some pics to see if it might entice you….

  7. love your bike, so cute! hubby bought me a good road cycle (pricey, but he said he wanted me to have a good one), which is good quality, but not nearly as cute. still love bike riding! :)

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