Hello Monday

You came a little fast …

I spent the weekend in bed or on the couch thanks to a summer cold. 
It could have been worse.
I loved having an ‘excuse’ to do nothing but sleep, eat & watch the Olympics all.weekend.long.
Kuddos to my incredible Sweets who worked a long week at work and then took care of me and the Little all weekend. Starbucks each morning, homemade sourdough bagels, cooking dinners and letting me sleep and sleep and sleep. ::MWAH:: Love him to pieces.
I really wanted today’s post to be about ‘a girl and her bike’ … 
but that will just have to wait until tomorrow … 


  1. Colds are the worst especially in the summer. But what a sweet fella you have to care for you and your babes. Hope you’re good as new ASAP!

  2. That bike is too cute for words. And my little is over here suffering from a summer cold, too. What the heck?!
    Feel better soon!

  3. So glad you are feeling better! Cannot wait for sister date part 3 this week 😉

  4. Glad to hear your on the mend :) And yay for helpful hubbys :) Looking forward to your bike post! Happy Monday to you :)

  5. Sorry you were sick. Very cute pic!

  6. hope you feel back to normal soon! being sick is no bueno!

  7. I’m suffering from an icky cold too. But my hubs is too busy to take Care of me. Lucky girl!

  8. Get well soon hon:)

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