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Hold on folks … 

Due to that whole “embracing summer’s freedoms” mantra I’m chanting {and boy is it working} … I’ve got TWO weeks of Instagram photos to catch you up. ‘Cause sometimes you just can’t be bothered with a blog post!

Ready, set, here we go … 
{If you already follow me on Instagram (KnittyBitties) I apologize … these posts are redundantly boring, are they not?!?}

I finished my 40 miles in June goal {#40milesinjune} on 6/23. I finished the month out at 48.5 miles. I was going to go for an even 50 miles, but decided to listen to a few warning signs my body was giving me that I should take it easy.

I’m already 7.1 miles on my way to 45 miles in July {#45milesinjuly if you want to join in}.

The Little practicing his golf moves. My dad is quite the golfer {and my mom enjoys it too} and he and a friend of his recently gave E junior size golf clubs and bag. So sweet. 
A good summer day … swimming, Sonic happy hour {Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade} and some Sonic ice for home.
Me.poolside. Lovely picture, I know. Just wanted to capture myself embracing my inner 60 year old with my big ol’ sun hat. I really love it though … and can you see a peek of my swimsuit? I will NOT be posting that on here any time soon evah, BUT it does have the cutest yellow/white polka dot straps.
Blogger ‘real life’ meet up … party of two. Me and Kristen. I wasn’t nervous one bit about meeting this sweet gal. If only I’d clued in earlier that she was related to this gal. Duh!! Nothing like the same last name to make that obvious … but no, it took me an hour into our almost 3 hour chat to put that together. I can not wait to hang out again Kristen!
I know, I know … more Julep? But seriously, I can’t help but share this cutie cuteness that shows up in my mailbox. The packaging is so creative … crinkle paper in red, white & blue, star tissue paper wrapped up with a red ribbon AND … atomic fireballs!! This month they also included a free “America the Beautiful” glitter polish that made my toes especially cute for the

{Julep note: If you’d like to know more, go check out this post. You can use the code “MAVENINTRO” to get your first box shipped for only .01!}

I made a maxi dress … the one I mentioned in this contributor post, Simplicity #1804 View A. I think I like it. I like it well enough I wore it to church on Sunday and out on my girl’s night. It’s for sure comfy … but I’m not sure if it’s ‘me.’ I’ll take better photos and share on the blog soon.

Said girls night. Cafe Rio salads + The Lucky One = great night out with two of my favorite gals.

Monday we met our goal of biking 20 miles for ice cream. Hurrah! Our next goal is 30 miles.

Nothing like a ‘quirky’ holiday parade to kick off our 4th of July celebrating. It was a beautiful day spent with family, enjoying delicious eats and firework fun.

Because this blog is in fact {or used to be, hahaha} about sewing …
Little bundles of Kona cotton {thank you Robert Kaufman} going out to several creative bloggers for a September blog collaboration. It’s going to be awesome!

** I need ONE more blogger to join in. If you are experienced with making quilt blocks, or a sewer up for a challenge and would like to be considered, send me an e-mail with your blog addy and contact information. **

I couldn’t help but smile and take a photo of this part of my sewing room. So much happy going on here. Treasures from friends, photos of the two I love most, stacks of fabrics, inspiring books … and on and on and on. I am blessed and hope I never forget that.

Happy Weekend to all of you!


  1. Congrats on your running goals and goal with your son. My 4 yr old won’t even get on his bike right now. I think he got an overdose a couple weeks ago from a trail we went on with too many hills and an impatient mama;(;(

    Cute summer hat—I love those and was thinking of getting one myself.

    What kind of blocks are we talking? I may be interested in playing with some solids;)

  2. Stopping over from Life Rearranged. LOVE Sonic Happy Hour! Definitely my fave :) That salad looks delicious!

  3. I have a favorite part of my sewing room too! I just wish it stayed organized 😉

  4. Checking in from instafriday :) That cafe rio salad makes me want to fly to Utah right this minute. I live in MN and crave CR every once in a while… who am I kidding? Every day!

    Your sewing room is just darling!

  5. YES on sonic happy hour!!! congrats on finishing strong with your june goals! so how do i join you in your july goals!?! i could use some accountability where i can check in with you too.. here there anywhere?

  6. LOVE Sonic happy hour! Our closest one is about 30 minutes away so it is a special treat. :) Love your maxi dress and your sewing room is so cute and beautifully organized! Visiting from Insta-Friday :)

  7. I am visiting from Life Rearranged. Love your sewing room pic! It is so inspiring. I started to organize my sewing room yesterday and got overwhelmed and stopped. Oh well!

  8. Way to go with your running goal! I need a running goal! Your craft room corner is fabulous!

  9. Didn’t get a chance to tell you the other day but I think the dress looks great! And even better that you made it, it’s beautiful and so are you!

  10. I’m stopping by from Life.Rearranged and I’m curious to know about the 40 and 45 in a month dealio.
    Great pictures. Looks like a fun 2 weeks. Have a great week coming up.

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