{Insta-Friday} Top 10

life rearranged
Since I missed last Friday {and I’m barely making it this Friday} I thought it would be fun to feature my 
Top 10 ‘Hearted’ Instagram Photos from the last 2 weeks. 
Let’s see what you might have missed in my UBER exciting life::
What I was doing #whilejgetscut … you can read more on Jeannett’s post here. I was enjoying both Jimmy John’s & Sonic for dinner that night. #toohottocook
Sunrise on one of my {now routine} morning runs.
Donut Run 2012 … Thought up by my zany SIL. We ran from her house to my MIL’s house where we celebrated with homemade donuts. Mmmm.
Polka dots make running a little more fun. Really they do! 
{Nike running shorts / Dicks Sporting Goods}
Me & My Little enjoying Shaved Ice today at the half way point of our 8 mile bike ride. 
My new favorite polish for my fingers … OPI’s “I don’t give a Rotterdam.”
Enjoying Starbuck’s new Cool Lime Refresher AND snuggling sweet Finley {my Bestie’s new little}.
Sunset run. Snuck in a run the evening I got back from my weekend with Finley. It was pretty, but mornings still have me until we loose this 90-100 degree weather.
Bike ride with my Seester. Aren’t we cute matching our outfits to our bikes?? Photo credit to the Little.
and my #1 “hearted” photo on Instagram … 
My new bike basket liner.
You can find the DIY here.
Happy Weekend!
Leave me your Instagram name {I’m KnittyBitties} so I can follow along with you too!


  1. Sandy says:

    Are you not the cutest ever making the basket liner? I love it! I also think I have that same hat with a red band– also love 😉 AND I am going to be chuckling to myself about the “I don’t give a Rotterdam”. So easily amused am I. Have a great weekend!

  2. I feel lazy now! I never run! We bike ride all the time ( mountain riding is hard!), but then there has to he a reward at the end…like icecream…those donuts would work for me too!

  3. Cute shorts for sure!!

    Still need to get out there on bikes too!! You are a good nudge I hope;)

  4. That basket liner is absolutely adorable! Love it:)

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