Introducing Paper Clouds …

How are you guys liking the monthly ‘happy bundle’ giveaways??

Are they a refreshing change from the influx of blog giveaways? I’d like to think so. I put a great deal of thought, time, energy into putting together a creative blend of fun finds for you my readers. I do it to say thank you for reading my blog, taking time to encourage me with your comments and helping to grow Knitty Bitties.

I also really like introducing you to talented people who are following their creative passions.

 Let’s say happy day to the second sponsor of this month’s “Happy Bundle” Giveaway::

About Paper Clouds::
My name is Madaline and I am a graphic designer from central Arkansas.  I created Paper Clouds almost a year ago as a second creative outlet, a way to show the true side of me and what I really love designing.  It has been an awesome year and I’m so thankful to be able to design for others!

A little more about Madaline::

Favorite thing about summer? 
During the summer I enjoy riding in the golf cart with my husband, wearing cute dresses and having an excuse to eat a hot dog, but my most favorite thing is making quick weekend trips to baseball games!  My husband is a huge cardinals fan and we look forward to going to atleast one game every year and seeing a new town while we’re doing it!

My favorite TV Show?
I’m not your typical television watcher, I love watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Friends and Will and Grace, anything on the Food Network, Holmes on Homes, and pretty much anything involving rednecks and alligators…or ducks!

The expression I use way too often?
I can’t think of anything right off the bat…except I tell my husband on a daily basis that he’s an interesting man. Everyday that man surprises me! 
This may not be an “expression” but more a habit, but I touch my hair ALL THE TIME.  If you talk to me I will more than likely be twirling my hair, throwing it behind my shoulder, fiddling with it or touching it.  That’s probably why it gets so yucky!
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Happy day to you, Madeline is offering Knitty Bitties readers 15% off. Just use code PAPERCLOUDS15 at checkout. Go do some shopping!

Thank you to my lovely June sponsors!! July’s “Happy Bundle” Giveaway will be in just a few short weeks!


  1. Hello Andrea,
    Thanks for introducing us to Madaline, she is super talented and creative. Have a wonderful 4th of July.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Love the happy bundle giveaway…although somehow I missed the June one, I think…sad day! :(

  3. As another central Arkansas girl, I’m so excited to learn of a local gal! Thanks fOr sharing!

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