Miscellany Monday

Well I have a hodge podge of random to share {oh I know you’re excited}, so I thought I would join in Lowercase Letter’s “Miscellany Monday” link up.

{Not ice cream/biking related, just a fun shot of us from 4th of July.}

As I’ve shared, my Little and I are biking for ice cream this summer. Our first goal was 20 miles, which we reached early last week. We celebrated last night with Baskin Robbins ice cream. Mmmm. Our next goal is 30 miles and we’re already 1/3 of the way there. Yep, dangle ice cream in front of us and we’ll pedal our hearts out. Speaking of pedaling, I really need to share my new {newer} bike with you.

I haven’t been getting as much reading in as I’d hoped, but I am thoroughly enjoying Kisses from Katie. It’s not a book to ‘rush’ through reading. I feel like my mind really needs to be present {so not right before bed when I can hardly stay awake} to fully grasp the inspiration and conviction of this young woman’s life. My favorite quote so far …

“Why, why do I deserve this? Why do you care so much about me Lord? But the answer is simple: Because the God who created us loves us. Because He created each of us for a purpose and He wants us to fulfill that purpose. Because the God who knows every hair on my head desires to lift me out of this dust and into His glory.” {Katie Davis}

I have a new tutorial {featuring adorable fabrics from Riley Blake} to share with you guys. I know … finally … something sewing related {hurrah!}. I’m not going to promise the date I will put it on the blog, but it will be SOON.

My SIL and I ran just under 7 miles this weekend. She planned a ‘fun run’ from her house to our MIL’s house. When we got there, my SIL wanted to make homemade doughnuts with our MIL, but she had already made them! I now need a shirt that says ‘Will Run for Doughnuts’ … seriously, I ate THREE yesterday!

I recently framed the Katie Daisy print my niece gifted me for my birthday. I didn’t think it could get any cuter until I found this frame at Hobby Lobby. It is right in our entry way and greets me several times a day.

I got some fun mail this weekend {sneaky peek} … which means a fun post on Wednesday that you won’t want to miss {hint, hint … awesome giveaway}.

With that, I’m wishing you a wonderful fresh new week! Ours is going to be plum full of summer list to-do’s and doing our best to keep cool. How about you?

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  1. Ok so now I will be headed to Hobby Lobby(my mom calls it the Hobby Hut)to check out those frames. Did they carry other colors too?
    And I’m guessing that dress is Shabby Apple? I’m seeing them everywhere and they just sent me an affiliate offer. I love their clothing!
    Have a wonderful week!:)

  2. biking for ice cream definitely sounds like a good motivation! thanks to you and your recent running post, i’ve been at it again and had a great weekend of runs! there’s a hobby lobby near my work! guess i know where i’ll be for my lunch break haha!

    happy monday!

  3. Love that picture from the 4th! You look beautiful and that little man is looking more handsome as he grows up! :)

  4. Adorable pic of you and your son!! I think ya’ll are donut worthy..man I haven’t had a donut since maybe Dec.last year! Anyway……that scripture and/or quote reminds me of the bible study I am in currently by Beth Moore Breaking Free–fits perfectly:)

    Yep missy where are the bike pics;)

  5. Just in case you have forgotten:
    a: You are adorable
    b: Your Little is adorable

  6. Sandy says:

    LOVE that dress!!! It looks so cute 😀

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