My top {5} reasons to run …

… in the EARLY morning … at least in the summer.

That’s right, I’ve sung my praises for summer evening runs, but I’m starting to change my tune. I really do still prefer the evening run … in theory. I love running just before dusk and the ‘glow’ of the evening. I love that my muscles are all warmed up from the day and ready to run. I love that I can ‘run off’ any troubles of the day and have a fresh start in the morning. But, there are several things I DON’T LOVE about the evening run and they are starting to outweigh the the things I love.

Here’s why I’m starting to love my morning runs::

1. It gets me out of bed EARLY. Early means a great start to the day and getting more done in those fresh early hours of the day. Yes, an early morning run makes me feel more productive.

2. My run is done first thing. I can check it off and it feels almost like I have the day ‘off.’ I almost always take a full rest day in between my runs, so it kinda feels like I get 2 full days off. I love days off.

3. Early run = guilt free nap. I feel completely justified in a 30-minute power nap on the days I’ve gotten up early and ran. I mean after all, I was up early and got more done, so boom! … nap time!

4. I can eat and drink whatever I want when I run early. You see, this is TMI {sorry, kinda} but I’m one of those runners that suffers from ‘runner’s trots’ {Google it I dare ya}. I’m also one of those mothers whose bladder was weakened when I birthed a 9lb+ baby {please do not leave me comments about kegels … I know all about the kegels people}. So this means that I can’t eat 2 hours before a run if I want to enjoy the run one.tiny.bit … and I can’t drink 1 hour before I run if I don’t want to have to factor a porta-potty into my route. If you know me, you know that I like to eat and I like to drink a lot of iced tea So restricting either really cramps {no pun intended} my style.

5. It’s not so stinkin’ hot when I run early. While I still stand by early morning or late evening runs in the summer, the early morning wins the prize for best temperature. It’s lovely to beat the heat.

So there you have it, my top five reasons I’m falling in love with early morning running.

Now, in full disclosure, when the mornings are once again dark and really cold, I will be back with my top 5 reasons mid-morning runs are my favorite. I used to call myself a fair weather runner, but now I’m thinking I’m just a fair time of day runner.

Whatever works, right … as long as I’m out there doing it. What’s your favorite time to run?

{I know some of you can’t type ‘never’ fast enough :D. That’s okay too!}


  1. Right now it fits best in the late evenings but I am a morning person. Sooooo, I’m going to try to switch that around. I’m with you on the being more productive, once I exercise I am a ball of energy!

  2. those are definitely good reasons to run early….not that i run early or late….but i get it

  3. I *wish* I could run any time of the day, but my knees can’t take it any more.

  4. I just got back from my “walk”. I’m not to the running stage yet by any means! I like mornings because….there aren’t as many people out and about in the mornings. It gives me a lot more solitude to just walk and think without having to stop and say hi, worry about how I look etc. I can just GO! And I can sing the whole way without people think I’m crazy 😉


  5. Annalee says:

    I want to switch to morning runs—just for the heat alone! But the evening {and by “evening”, I mean 8:30 PM}works out better for me, uh, bowel wise! Hahaha! I also feel more warmed up and ready to run.

    I might need to give the early morning run a shot again…Last night at 8:30 it was 98 degrees when I ran. UGH!

    I do love the idea of checking my run off early in the day, I like days off too! I run every other day, and on my non-run days I workout in the morning, and I like having it done for the day!!

  6. Julie T. says:

    Mornings, Mornings! For all those reasons!

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