{WIWW} and a giveaway

My “What I Wore” posts have been a little infrequent thanks to the lazy {hot} days of summer.

It seems I’m either in my running clothes for runs/bike rides or my swim suit for pool dates. One I think you’d find quite boring and the other, well, it’s just too flashy for the blog. Bwahahahaha. Totally kidding {and if you know me you’re laughing along with me} … it’s not flashy, but I just don’t like the idea of sharing myself in a bathing suit on here … I hardly can stand sharing it in real life at the pool.
Moving on … 

{Reason #839 I couldn’t be a model … I feel a complete goof trying to figure out how to pose.}

Today’s WIWW post is sponsored by the lovely folks at Shabby Apple. You’ve heard of them, yes? I mean their marketing team has quite the ‘grass roots’ campaign going amongst bloggers. I think it’s great. Real women in real clothes helping to spread the word about their company. 
I was able to pick a dress to review and finally landed on the El Dorado. I wanted a summer style that I could enjoy now, but also a style that would work into fall/winter. This dress is perfect for both. 
{Dress – Shabby Apple; Necklaces – Kohl’s & Ann Taylor LOFT; Sandals – Apt.9/Kohl’s}

The jersey knit material has a lovely drape that is very flattering and does not ‘cling’ like so many knits. I picked this dress with the waist detail in mind as I’m always self conscious of my post-baby {uhm yeah, he’s eight} ‘pouch’ … this hides it beautifully! 
{Trying to show you the back of the dress without showing you all of my back side ;).}

It also features a great extra piece of fabric which gathers around the waist in the back. Another flattering detail to help hide any ‘muffin top’ issues. 
I’m not sure that the color is what I would normally pick for a summer dress, but I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received on it at church Sunday. It’s the perfect fall color and I can’t wait to try it paired with my sweater tights and riding boots. 
Shabby Apple has a huge selection of dresses for all body types and you can tell they aim to flatter the female figure with classic patterns and extra attention to details. 

Want to do a little shopping yourself?

Shabby Apple is offering one of my readers a $100 gift card to their shop. 
Just use the Rafflecopter widgit to enter.
And just to keep it real … with what I’m wearing most summer days, this was about 5 minutes after we got home from church on Sunday::
{T-Shirt – Old Navy; Lounge Pants – Target}

pleated poppy


  1. girl you look adorable no matter what you wear! happy wednesday friend!

  2. Every time you sweetie makes you beautiful
    also much more beautifully in clothes
    I wish you a beautiful day.

  3. You did a great job modeling that dress.

  4. your pictures are so cute :)

    I like the Shabby Apples “Yellow Days” dress!!

  5. I just looked at that dress on the Shabby Apple site yesterday! Love it and you rock it! Also, that post-church pic is fabulous! I entered the contest in every way possible! Glad I found you through wiww!

  6. Love this dress! I need one for the “post baby” :o)

  7. I like the ballerina dress.

  8. Love the G. Cooper. My daughter has the dress you reviewed – it is great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I love the academia shirtdress. You look so cute – actually you make a good model!

  10. I love the Taxi Cab skirt. It just looks like fun.

  11. I love the Upper Eas Side dress.

  12. I really love the After Class dress. I already have a similar one, but obviously can’t resist that look!

  13. Love this dress! It’s not at all the one I thought you were going to pick, but I love it! Can’t wait to see it on you in the fall pretty lady. I would get the Bellissima dress (1- it’s called the bellissima 2-work/going out appropriate 3-fabulous color).

  14. I LOVE YOUR DRESS! It does all the things you said it did, and honestly you need to start shopping for that color, it’s just lovely with your skin tone. I liked all the dresses on this site – Why had I not ever been there before? – but I think I liked the cocoa bean dress the best.

  15. You look great! I think you have the posing thing down! :)

    They have so many cute dresses! I think I would pick the Rosso maxi dress though. :)

  16. Love that dress! Super cute!

  17. I have been in love with the Rosso maxi for quite some time now, so definitely that!

  18. What a cute dress! It is very flattering, and I struggle with the same “post baby” issues so I can relate. :)

  19. I think I’d buy the “Bianca” dress if I win $100 gc!

  20. love the toe the line dress

  21. You look super cute in that dress! I would order El Capitan or Toe the Line.

  22. I’m really drawn to Calooh! Callay! I’ve got floral on the brain. Thanks for the chance!

  23. The dress looks great. Don’t worry about the post-baby weight. It took 15 or 16 years to lose my 70 pounds of “baby weight”. I have kept it off for over 8 years.Yeh!!

  24. I love Heart of me.

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  26. I love that color on you!

  27. I love that dress on you! You look adorable!
    I’d probably choose the Red Queen! But they all are cute!

  28. there was one yellow dress I saw that I would love to have

  29. I love the serenade and toe the line dresses. Their dresses are so beautiful!

  30. what a lovely dress and sandals! and that hello kitty shirt is adorable. must check out old navy soon. :)

  31. Love, love, love…and now I want one for myself. :)

  32. Love the orange on you! Cute dress!

  33. I do the same thing! Home from church, straight to the bedroom to change. Yoga pants and baggy tshirt. Hey, it’s a day of relaxation, right? 😉

  34. I would probably get the Desert Modern dress.. I <3 maxi dresses

  35. L’Opera is pretty with the ruffles on the chest and all!

  36. The Elizabet Islands dress is so cute!

  37. L’Opera is very pretty. I could use a new dress. They have a lot of cute things.

  38. Their bathing suits are adorable!

  39. Oh, please, you look lovely in the pictures! Your posing is really sweet, very beautiful!

  40. Oh, please, you look lovely in the pictures! Your posing is really sweet, very beautiful!

  41. I Like the mariposa green dress!

  42. A+, perfect for warmer days to visit customers…

  43. The Da Vinci dress! :)

  44. Beautiful! I love the waist detailing, so flattering! :)

  45. I like the alica dress!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  46. I would choose the Champs Elysees

  47. I love the Bernini dress!

  48. That shade of orange looks fab on you!

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday

  49. I love the Carnival dress. So many cute things.

  50. Definitely The Red Queen!

  51. I love the Vineyard Sound.

  52. This was a tough choice but it would have to be Toe the Line and then maybe Ballerina. Ugh both so gorgeous, so hard to choose.

  53. I like the CEO red dress! :)

  54. I love the Azure Coast wrap dress!! Of course love the one you picked out too!!

  55. i love Shabby Apple!
    I think I would get the Summer Wind dress if I won.

  56. i love Shabby Apple!
    I think I would get the Summer Wind dress if I won.

  57. That dress is very flattering on you!

  58. I would love to get the Bianca dress….so cute!

  59. you picked a great dress! love the beachcomber!

  60. I love the block party dress!

  61. Ashley C. says:

    I love the Tropical Sunshine dress!

  62. i LOVE overboard!! the dress you chose is really cute too!

  63. I love the taxi cab skirt!

  64. Biana dress probably although a lot of them are appealing

  65. Sandy says:

    You look awesome in both the dress and the sweats :)
    I love the vineyard sound dress!

  66. You look great in anything – I’m jealous!! I love the Le Seine dress – it’s rich in color and looks retro!!

  67. Love that dress on you & the color is gorgeous!!!! I love the Barefoot in The Park dress in the Buttercream but I’m actually drooling over One For My Baby!!

  68. I love the Land Ho Skirt – and they also have little green fabric earrings that would match it! cute stuff! Love that color on you!

  69. The dress I’m Late, I’m Late is the dress that I like. Would work for an upcoming wedding! Thanks!

  70. I think I’d like the Serenade in Cobalt Blue. It’s so perfect for hot Florida summers that last through October! 😉

  71. I would pick I’m late, I’m late:)

  72. I’d order the Overboard dress, I’m a sucker for all things gingham!

  73. Oh, I’d love to win this as I really need a new dress!

    Thanks for the chance.


  74. I love how they group patterns for your figure type. I have such a hard time finding clothes. I like the Carnival dress.

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