{WIWW} Family Edition

Happy Wednesday!

I don’t share a ton of ‘family’ photos on this blog of mine … as, well, it’s not really a ‘family/lifestyle/mommy’ blog. Except that my family IS my top priority, I am Mommy and well, I do have a life outside of the sewing room {some days}. So, today, I’m going to share our recent family photos.

Because I love them. And none of us are in PJ’s.

Taken by the same wonderful photographer who did my portraits earlier this year.

I promised my boys a ‘quick’ photo session and celebrating with Mud Pie at Red Robin if they cooperated. We picked one spot that gave a few different options which worked out perfectly.

Our outfits were based around my outfit ;). I wanted to wear this skirt, so I just grabbed pieces that worked together without being too matchy-matchy. The only thing I bought for our photo session was my blouse … at a whopping $10. Nice.

Me – Blouse – Forever21 / Skirt – TJMaxx / Shoes – LifeStride / Bracelet – Allora Handmade / Necklace – Nest Pretty Things

Sweets – Shirt – Dickies / Jeans – CK / Shoes – Patagonia

Little – Polo shirt {that was TOO short} – GAP / Khakis – Old Navy / Flip-Flops – Reef

I absolutely adore this picture of me and my Sweets. That’s a ‘real look’ we’re giving each other. You may not know it, but this one has all sorts of sparks of love going on.

A fun shot that I want to get in a canvas wrap for our bedroom.

My Little giving his best ‘John Black’ {if you don’t know Days of Our Lives that reference will make no sense} look.

I did not pick the best shirt for E. I love the style/color, but it was TOO short. Oh well, it affirms just how fast he’s growing {and how much I’m in denial}!

Mama & her boy. 

Uh, Daddy & his boy … spitting ;).

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  1. Love your family pictures. I had to laugh at the pic of your boys spitting. So something my hubby and sons would do for a picture! 😀

  2. Beautiful family photos! You look amazing! I’m your newest follower by the way. Happy Wednesday!


  3. what cute pictures! your son is adorable. I love your skirt.

  4. What gorgeous pictures!!! You my dear are stunning! Do you ever take a bad picture? 😉 Happy Wednesday to you!

  5. What a cute family. The pictures are great!!!! Does John still give that look??? I stopped watching Days years ago, but you never forget that look. Lol

  6. Love it. The skirt is gorgeous!

  7. I love the tippy toe picture!

  8. Great pics! New follower from WWW. hope to get a follow back!

  9. Great photos! Your little guy is very handsome. :)

  10. –i think you all look fabulous!
    –i love the john black reference. i haven’t watched days in years but that’s one thing that used to drive me CrAzY ;o)
    –lovin the black and white picture!

  11. what fun family pictures!!!

  12. These are fantastic:) Where did you get the blouse??

  13. You have a very cute family and I love your outfit. That top is awesome, and I love the pop of colour with the bracelet

  14. Sandy says:

    I do love that pic of you and the hubs, sweetness all around! And your little guys is too cute!

  15. Love the boys spitting – they are so cute!

  16. cute family pics, man it’s making me want to get some done! but first, gotta get braces off ;o)

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