A few favorite finds …

… to share with my favorites!

One of the things I enjoy most about the internet is the means it provides for quick promotion of a new company or product. Of course, this is why blogging has become big bucks, how mama’s like me can create their own business and why internet sales make up  more than 50% of big box companies sales revenue {okay, I made that up, but I feel pretty confident it’s true ;D}.

So today, I have a favorite find I found through the internet {Pinterest specifically} and one I found at the old brick and mortar {Staples specifically}.

First, the journal I found via Pinterest {and I really wish I had re-pinned, but I was in such a rush to go check out this company I did not} from the company Paper Coterie. Have you heard of them? Well they were new to me, but I’m so happy I did. They have a ton of personalizable paper goods and the offer great promotions and discounts so you can give them a {low committement} try.

I purchased their Documenting journal. It is filled with fill-in-the-date pages and gives you 4-5 lines for each day. So each day, you can write down some little snippet … whether it be what you did, how you were feeling or something funny that was said. You can use it however you’d like. You get to personalize the journal with your favorite photos and 

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