Hello Monday {and August Giveaway}

Hello Monday!

Hello to the Little’s first FULL week of school … which means Hello to getting back into my routine.

Hello to a weekend celebrating a new marriage, a birthday and a BIG Happy 50TH Anniversary to my in-laws. Isn’t that amazing? We will properly celebrate them next month.

Hello to naps.

Hello to the blessing of family who are also your closest of friends.

It was a good weekend and I’m praying for a good week to come!

HELLO to ANOTHER Knitty Bitties monthly “Happy Bundle Giveaway.”
Can I tell you how much fun I have putting these together? I start with a color scheme {this month’s was inspired by the way fun glitter headband bundle I received from Sweet Ties Hair Ties} and start the hunt for little goodies to ‘gift’ one of my readers. I just love it!

{This bundle is put together by me with my own funds (with the exception of any sponsored items listed) and will be shipped by me to one very happy you!} 

Let’s take a closer look at what you could win::

Mini Journal {“Looking at the stars always makes me dream” ~Vincent Van Gough} / Checkbook Cover / Julep nail polish in Morgan

This month’s bundle again features TWO wonderful sponsors::

Glitter Hair Ties & Headbands Bundle
{from sponsor, Sweet Ties Hair Ties}

Elephant & Cupcake Pacifier Clip{s}
{from sponsor, Wee And Me}

I am so excited to share more about these two lovely sponsors next week after the winner is announced. 

Giveaway ends Saturday, August 18 / Winner will be announced on Monday, August 20. 

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**If you’re interested in sponsoring a future Happy Bundle Giveaway, please send me an e-mail for more information. I’m currently booked through October, but am happy to schedule you for the next available month.** 

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  1. I am celebrating the arrival of fall – will it is close anyway – have had enough of the summer heat!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am celebrating my birthday this month! bjn1957atgmaildotcom

  3. I am celebrating being pregnant with my first… yay!

  4. We are celebrating our daughter’s birthday today, she is 26. Happy Birthday, Ashley! ;o)

  5. I’m celebrating the last two weeks of summer and the arrival of the first day of Kindergarten for my eldest!

  6. I’m celebrating my youngest son’s exam results!!

  7. I am celebrating my third child being 2 mo. Old my middle child turning 3, ballet is starting back for the girls, and that I have one more year before I send my oldest to K!

  8. I get to go to work today. I fill in at my lqs in exchange for fabric. I get to pick out goodies today.

  9. I’m celebrating starting the week with a clean house.

  10. i’m celebrating my big move to california that’s happening in two weeks!

  11. I am celebrating beiong nearly done pregnancy! and the last few weeks of summer with juts me and my 2yr old girl!

  12. I am celebrating my 2nd little going to Kindergarten this month.

  13. I am celebrating 20 weeks pregnant this week!

  14. We will be celebrating the arrival of our 2nd daughter….now if she would hurry up and get here!

  15. I am celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of a fun-filled fall!

  16. I’m celebrating that I do NOT have to go back to school in the next few weeks because I resigned from my teaching job!! This is going to take some time to get used to this… :)

  17. Celebrating being 16 weeks preggers with #2. Woo hoo!

  18. We are celebrating getting my 5 year old ready for her first day of Kindergarten. It makes me sad and so happy at the same time…oh the emotions :)

  19. I am celebrating finding 2 hours last Friday to start sewing a patchwork bag for a friend! Sewing time is scarce these days!

  20. I am celebrating my birthday today!

  21. My husband and I are about to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!! We are also celebrating the purchase of our first home AND our 4 year old FINALLY getting out of our bed and into his new big boy bunk beds!

  22. My husband and I are about to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!! We are also celebrating the purchase of our first home AND our 4 year old FINALLY getting out of our bed and into his new big boy bunk beds!

  23. I’m celebrating the cooler weather in Illinois! What a relief :)

  24. My husband and I just celebrated out 4 year anniversary, and on Wednesday we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday!

  25. we just got done celebrating our new 12 year old! where has the time gone?!

  26. I am celebrating our new kitten, Baby!

  27. celebrating the end of summer, and fun vacation coming up. thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. I am celebrating having a cooler day.

  29. Celebrating our one year anniversary of moving to CA!

  30. I am celebrating having newly painted walls!

  31. I finally got a little sleep! I’ve had a rough few weeks and haven’t been sleeping much and this weekend I got lots! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I’m celebrating my husband collecting a paycheck again!

  33. I’m celebrating more each day, I’m going to Yellowstone on vacation in September. YAY!

  34. I am celebrating my grandparent’s anniversary with my whole family at the beach!

  35. Amy S. says:

    We are celebrating the first day of school!

  36. We are celebrating back to school tonight. Actually, just my husband went back today (he’s a history teacher). The kids don’t start till next Monday. So, tonight’s celebration is for him. :)

  37. New Grandson and 2 Sons getting married..

  38. I’m celebrating surviving my first summer as a single mom with two crazy and cute kids!!

  39. I am celebrating… um… having started my thesis? Yikes. Life is not too exciting right now, lol.
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  40. I hope to celebrate the end of diapers soon.

  41. Andrea says:

    We are celebrating our 4th anniversary!!! :)

  42. I am celebrating the upcoming birth of a Gran! My first, DD’s first & we are all so excited!! Kitty, (her name is Catherine, called Cat most of her life & I started calling her Kitty). She is an adopted daughter & I couldn’t love her more if I had given birth to her!!! She is in the USAF, stationed in Germany at the time. She married a VERY sweet boy last year & they are celebrating their first anniversary.

  43. I’m celebrating catching my first fish! It was only my 2nd time fishing and I caught a bass!! It was a happy day!

  44. Celebrating finishing my sewing/craft room!

  45. celebrating festival of quilts on saturday

  46. I’m celebrating my son birthday this month.

  47. My oldest child will be starting preschool in a couple weeks!!! They grow up so fast, but he is so excited for the new adventure. Thanks!

  48. celebrating my first born going into kindergarten next week. i am so excited for him

  49. 35 pound weight loss!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I’m celebrating the new baby girl we will be adding to our family in October. I can’t wait for fall this year! :)

    Amanda Guthrie

  51. might seem kinda silly, but I’m celebrating my new Keurig! Making coffee is so fun! 😉

  52. I’m celebrating all of the blessings I have in my life, health, happiness, family and friends.

  53. I am celebrating knowing that in a few months I will have another niece or nephew to love and spoil :)

  54. I’m celebrating my #2 son’s 9th birthday!

  55. heather says:

    my husband, son, and myself are celebrating the impending arrival of our new baby girl :)

  56. I am celebrating being pregnant with my second daughter. Yay for girls!

  57. I am celebrating being pregnant with my second daughter. Yay for girls!

  58. I’m celebrating having fun with my friend

  59. I’m celebrating having fun with my friend

  60. We just celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday and her and my grandpa’s 70th wedding anniversary this past weekend.

  61. I am celebrating my oldest starting kindergarten. Such a big milestone!

  62. I’m celebrating my husband getting the house painting done!! sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  63. Jessica M says:

    I am celebrating my son starting
    2nd grade!

  64. I am celebrating my brother coming home from living in Brazil for the past two years!

  65. I celebrating that my son is going to pre-school.
    Hugs, Uta

  66. I am celebrating the dr. Ok ing a shower 10 days after surgery! amazing what we appreciate.

  67. I am celebrating our house getting new carpet!!! Love the wallet case, very cute!!

  68. I am celebrating the start to my last fall classes! And my baby is going to be in middle school in less then a week.

  69. Amanda M. says:

    I am celebrating my son’s 18 month birthday!

  70. Stacey says:

    I am celebrating the production of our third child…due March 2013!! I am also celebrating my oldest daughter’s first day of preschool!!

  71. Racquel says:

    Just celebrated 11 yrs together w/ my wonderful hubby!

  72. My sweet little girl’s 1st birthday!

  73. fall baby!

  74. Hey there – just checking in to say hello – saw your FB post. And throwing my hat in the ring.
    I’m celebrating the end of summer with my kids – today we had the braces adjusted and new haircuts before school starts, and then lunch with Mom. :) Thanks for all your giveaways and upbeat posts! :)

  75. We are elebrating Back to School at our house too! All 4 of my boys went to school…my baby is in kindergarten! time is moving way too fast :-). Thanks for the chance!

  76. We are elebrating Back to School at our house too! All 4 of my boys went to school…my baby is in kindergarten! time is moving way too fast :-). Thanks for the chance!

  77. I am celebrating my 17mo old not using her pacifier at all this week…. looking forward to having my 32mo old potty trained soon!!! **fingers crossed**

  78. Celebrating having a 3 year old and a 6 month old! Both sweet little girls!

  79. The opportunity to woek!

  80. The opportunity to woek!

  81. I’m celebrating having a new job!!

  82. I am celebrating my sweetheart’s total hip replacement ~ finally!

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. I am celebrating being a freshman in college…40 years after the first time I was a freshman in college.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I’m celebrating back to school as a teacher and the approach of my favorite season fall.


  86. I’m celebrating the cooler weather, it’s been an extremely hot summer.

  87. I’m celebrating my birthday!

  88. I’m celebrating that I decided to leave the house today and go out to eat with a friend. I’m a hermit…..grin.

  89. I’m celebrating the upcoming arrival of my niece or nephew!!!

  90. I’m celebrating a new school year full of excited second graders!

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