life rearranged  
And so it seems as I downloaded the past weeks Instagram feed that … I’m still in a bit of a funk.
I knew it.
I just didn’t know Instagram knew it too. 
There’s a lot of little things and one BIG thing that has been looming around and making me feel ‘off.’
I haven’t ran in 2 weeks … which is discouraging following 3 awesome months. 
But … I’m daily {if not hourly} adjusting my attitude and trying to continually PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE {oh the post(s) I could write about PERSPECTIVE}.

So, there you have it … I’m guessing you can kinda ‘feel’ how a blogger is doing by the tone of their posts … or lack of posts in my case …
A sneak peek at this month’s Happy Bundle Giveaway. So much cuteness all in shades of aqua & purple. I had so much fun sewing up the checkbook cover. Stay tuned next week for more about our two sponsors. And if you haven’t yet … GO ENTER!
I used to reserve time on Fridays for some kind of ‘fun’ crafting and was so happy to bring this habit back. I used to scrapbook a.lot. I still love the idea of it, but just can’t fit it in right now. So card making is my ‘paper therapy.’ The one on the left was lifted {scrapbook for copied} from this pin. The one on the right is a Silhouette download. I accented two of the birds and added a heart to make it a wedding card. Loved making these!
Happy mail? A sewing machine on your doorstep? Yes please. I was thrilled to get the sewing machine I won at Snap! {I know of all the things I could have won … ironic, no?}. Thanks Snap! & Singer! Now … what do with her?

My boys {my Little and my Sweets} worked for several days creating their version of the Empire State building with Legos. My Sweets was so into it he almost ran out to buy MORE Legos so that the upper levels would be color matched. Instead his frugal/practical side caught up and instead we have the eclectic upper levels. I love Legos.

Putting the finishing touches on invitations for my in-law’s 50th anniversary celebration. {I’ll blog more about the pre-made invites I used & the whole celebration next month.} As I was sitting their working I spied the Little’s retainer … Ewwwww. He puts it at the opposite end of the kitchen table because he doesn’t want to look at it. Uhm, thanks.
A very happy day in my week … a box full of lovelies from Amazima {the non-profit started by Katie Davis of Kisses from Katie.}. Shopping = happy. Shopping that is making a difference in precious lives = love. And this is not just a ‘charity’ purchase … these are really beautiful pieces of jewelry you will love wearing!
Not to worry anyone with my funky state, I’ll snap out of it soon enough … thanks for you patience with me!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. So I just got out of my funk…don’t know what’s going on or if maybe it’s the season for funks? But I hope you get out of your’s too :). I love your blog and I can’t wait to look more into that jewelry you bought…I love pretty things for great causes! TGIF :)


  2. Feel better soon!

  3. How do you easily get your instagram pics into a post? You said you downloaded the feed? I don’t have a blogger blog (well, I do, but I only use it to comment LOL) but I can’t figure out an easy way! Thanks for any help. :)

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