{Insta-Friday} BIG Catch-Up

life rearranged  
Hey there.
Where have you been? 
Oh … right … I’m the one that’s been missing.
Let’s sum it up like this …
Last week of summer break.
First week of school.
Tired, tired, tired.
My mama heart is a bit melancholy as I sent the Little back to school this week. So I’m sticking to my ‘summer of freedom’ for another week before I return to the real world. 
Let’s do a quick {ha, okay … so maybe not quick, but quicker than if I was talking to you in real life} catch up … Insta-style::
We had 2 weeks of swimming lessons. I kinda love the daily routine swimming lessons brought … especially getting us up and going to be there by 9:15am. We even rode our bikes to lessons a couple of times.  On the last day we celebrated with doughnuts!
I lucked out and got this ‘once in a lifetime’ shot of my Little ‘sitting’ on the water {seriously, not even a splash}.
We made lemonade for the first.time.ever. Loved it! I used this recipe and the only modifications I made was reducing the sugar to 3/4C and adding the mint leaves to my water/sugar mix while it boiled into simply syrup. So, so, so good. Even better served up in a mason jar next to a salted brown butter rice krispy treat on a polka dot plate!
A few orders being biked to the post office annex. Wouldn’t that make you happy to ride in that cute little basket next to that cute little guy? I thought so … go ahead, order something and see if your package doesn’t arrive smiling. 
It has also been really HOT. Like 100 degrees hot. So there were a lot of pool dates and Lego building {in the comfort of blessed air conditioning}.
We had a little family ‘party’ for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. My cute niece matched my Little. It’s been so fun watching him really ‘get it’ this year. I’m not a big ‘sit and watch TV’ kinda gal, but a cold knocked me down for the weekend and I slept, watched Olympics and ate {repeat, repeat, repeat}. It could have been much worse.
I finished off July running 50 miles. Five more than the #45milesinjuly goal. Sadly August has been off to a slow start between the cold, an aching leg and the horrible air quality. This month’s goal is #42milesinaugust. If you want to ‘join in’ just use the hash tag in Twitter or Instagram.
Saturday summer spoils … delicious treats from the farmer’s market in the morning and delicious rolls of sweetness in the evening while her mama & dada went out on a date.
Squeezing {pun intended} the most out of our summer break right up until the last day. A water balloon & doughnut date with friends!
First day of school. Gah … how is this happening again. I SO did not okay this. Phhhhtttt.
To help take my mind off of this silly school business, I kept myself busy running errands for weddings and parties; getting my hair cut and colored; and helping my Seester purge, sort and organize her crafty space. 
All in all it’s been a pretty good week so I think my diversion tactics are working! 
If you made it through this crazy long post … a gold star for you! Hopefully I will not be disappearing for another week … but you can always follow me on Instagram to keep tabs on my very exciting life. Leave me a comment with your Instagram name so I can follow you too!
Happy Friday!


  1. Now I am caught up. E was so handsome for his first day – so does he love 3rd grade? Or is the jury still out?

  2. Swimming,lemonade,bike riding sounds great to me!!

    School not so much—my 4 yr old will be starting Pre-k in 2 weeks:( Only 2 days a week,BUT still sad some.

  3. Happy InstaFriday! I’m your newest fan. :) Please check out my InstaFriday post if you have the chance.


  4. Julie T says:

    Great wrap up! Keep up the good work.

  5. My kiddos don’t start school for a few more weeks, but this post gives me ideas for the end of summer and ideas for when they go back! I already follow you on Instagram and you can follow me at sprout05. :)

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