life rearranged 
Snapshots of the last week::
Lunch with my Seester at our favorite restaurant … dining al fresco. I needed this after an emotional and tiring week. It must have done the trick because I had a great weekend {with no IG to show for it} and a great week!
This year I was amazingly on top of celebrating the Little’s “Half Birthday” … this is certainly not something we always celebrate, often we forget, sometimes we sing every other word of Happy Birthday and sometimes we just have a special treat. This was the first year for a half cake {I baked 12 cupcakes & 1 round which I cut in half} and a movie. I may have not started the new tradition!
The proof is in the pudding. Or in the Instagram photos. 10 minute timer challenge took the kitchen from left to right. I love challenging myself and once again reinforcing to myself that sometimes a seemingly BIG job really isn’t that big. Just get it done. 
Earlier in the week I brought lunch to a friend so we could talk fabric and I could meet her new little girl. Win-win for me. She requested the Large Green Avocado Salad. Well, it looked so good, it inspired me to make my own for dinner the next night.
Here’s my version::
Start with a large bowl {some in your house may call it a dog dish if it happens to be stainless steel}.
Add a few tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, a splash of lemon juice and salt & pepper.
Then add A LOT of baby greens,
diced cucumber, halved grape/cherry toms, 
and red onion if you’d like {I don’t like}.
TOSS with dressing.
Top with mozzarella cheese,
one avocado sliced, 
and homemade croutons.


Last “Seester Date” of the summer. I helped her get a few things ready for her classroom and then gave her a few pointers on her new Silhouette Cameo. Then we had lunch with our mom who we were happy to have crash our date. I have so enjoyed our days together. In fact, I think I’ll blog about them next week!
{I also had to have blood drawn (routine) this AM and treated myself to a TRENTA black tea!}
Slightly embarrassed every time I open this drawer. At what point am I a nail polish hoarder?!?
Why so many when my nails usually look like above? Does this make me more of a hoarder?!?
** Instagram Tip:: Downloading your IG photos
I’ve gotten a few request for this so I thought I’d share it here for all to see. I use the site, instaport.me to download my photos weekly. You use your IG login to set up an account which allows you to export your photos to a .zip file. You can then extract and save them on your computer. I use the ‘advanced options’ to select the last week’s date and just download a week at a time when I right my InstaFriday post.
Hope that helps someone!
Happy Friday!!


  1. I love the idea of a half birthday. I might have to incorporate that into our birthday schedule.

  2. thanks for the tip on how to upload your photos from instagram…I tried a different approach last time and this was way faster! Looks like your days are full of blessings! Have a great weekend!

  3. I have to comment because I also do a 10 minute clean up. I usually enlist my kids and we go room to room for 10 minutes. Totally manageable, right? Anyways, I’m stopping by from the Life Rearranged link up.

  4. My nail drawer used to look very similar but I ended up having a few that lived past their prime so they had to go away. Congrats on a 10 minute clean up. I think that is something I need to start doing.

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