What I {Love} Wednesday …

… on Thursday.

All four of things I’m about to share with you are a bit random. But they are all things “I’m loving” right now, which means I can now turn this into a meaningful {hahaha} blog post.

Here goes:

#1 My Paper Coterie Daily / Sharpie Fine Tip Pens

I first learned about Paper Coterie through a pin {which I can’t locate now}. It happened that they were running a special on their documenting journals AND I had just received our family photo images. Win-win. A good deal and great photos which I could quickly drop into the journal means I actually placed the order {COS- I can not tell you how many FREE Shutterfly books I have let go unused due to the fact that the time commitment on my end was JUST. TOO.MUCH.}

The journal is set up with several lines for each ‘fill in the’ date. Just enough room to jot down a tid-bit from the day. Your favorite part, what you ate, a funny kid-ism, a prayer request, a praise … you get the idea.
I’m keeping ours in our kitchen by my daily calendar and laptop. I’m not holding myself to journal every day, but picking weeks here and there. I don’t like to be bossed around, even by myself, and told I have to do it every day.

** There is a promotion going through  9/2/12 on their new “Quotable” journal. Perfect for catching those quotable moments. Use coupon code QUOTABLE to get the book for $12. **

Around the same time I received the journal, I also picked up a set of Sharpie’s new fine tip pens while school supply shopping {mama’s need new supplies too, right?}. I can not tell you how much I love, lurve, love them! So much! They are perfect in the journal and they re-newed my love affair with my Erin Condren Life Planner. They don’t bleed, they’re not too thick, the colors are lovely … what’s not to like?

#2 Uncrustables

So … my Little really loves “Uncrustables” … and to be honest, if you’ve ever snuck a bite, they are quite good. Probably because they are loaded with stuff that isn’t the best {such is life … if it tastes really good, it probably isn’t great for you}. However, during the summer, we celebrate with a few ‘treats’ … Uncrustables are one of those treats. Perfect for pool day lunches.

Since summer has wrapped up, the Uncrustables are no longer. That was until Miss Jami Nato blogged about ‘homemade uncrustables.‘ YES! I ordered the Wonder Sandwich Sealer {it was 2 or 3x as much on Amazon, but it was worth not having to go into the Walmarts} and whaaa-laaa … we’ve got Uncrustables people! Made with our choice of peanut butter, homemade jam and better for you bread!

{Shhhh … don’t tell the Little, but this makes lunches even faster in the morning!!}

source:: www.apple.com/ipodshuffle/ via pinterest.com/knittybitties/ on Pinterest

#3 iPod Shuffle / Podcasts

You might have read on Facebook last week that my iPod Nano {of 5 years} died. I knew I needed to replace it quickly as I need want music to run. That’s the thing though, I only use it for running since I use my Garmin Forerunner for accurate GPS tracking {verses the not so accurate Nike+}. So it seemed silly to spend $129 for running music. The Shuffle was my natural choice, but my main hang up was not being able to create a playlist. I like to ‘plan’ my music for my run pace/distance.

Well, I was sorely mistaken. When looking at the Shuffle closer, I realized it not only had the option to create playlists, but also to play them in order or the traditional shuffle. Sold. Done. $49. Green. Adorably Small.

When I loaded the Shuffle, I went ahead and moved my iTunes account up to Cent Comm {and off our archaic laptop that processes as a glacial pace}. Because iTunes runs lickety-split now, I started looking at podcasts to download. I am hooked! My two favorites are Another Mother Runner & NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I kinda feel like this doesn’t help my “35 going on 80” resume, but, eh, who cares.

This Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me episode had me laughing out loud. If you haven’t ever listened, give it a try.

source:: www.katheats.com/favorite-foods/overnightoats via pinterest.com/knittybitties/ on Pinterest

#4 Overnight Oats

I was skeptical that I would like these oats. I really like steel cut oats, but they’re too much work. And while I really like my Fiber One cereal {add that to the resume too}, I sometimes crave something different. Really, I was sold on the pre-made/portable factor of the overnight oats.

I tried the basic recipe {minus chia seeds because I don’t have any} plus added about 1/2C of fresh blueberries. Mix it all up in a mason jar and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning I microwave it for about a minute on 50% power. Which might be the same as 30 seconds at full power? Who knows, it’s just what I do ;). Then I add a scoop of Biscoff and today I added some sunflower seed butter. It’s pretty good. Not like, so stinkin’ good, but pretty good and quick and portable.

So there you go … 4 random things that I’m loving right now. How about you?

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try the overnight oats! you inspired me!
    So funny about the shuffle, I just bought one the other day because my nano got stolen! :( Glad to see that you like it!

  2. Sandy C says:

    I know it grosses so many people out, but I love making several days’ worth of oats at a time and then reaheating with milk each day. Easy to prepare and oh-so-yummy… from the lady who has learned to not gag while eating soggy cereal or drinking room-temperature milk. I know… so nasty. I love that journal with the pictures! I *could* do that, I think. Regular scrapbooking terrifies me to my very core, but that looks very “doable”. Have a good week!

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