FWQA Re-Cap {Last Chance for the Giveaway}

Because I really don’t want this …
… to be over … 
just quite yet.
Here’s another look at the SIX projects featured this week.
They all started with this::
{source: Everyday Beautiful}
And turned it into this::

1. Grocery Bag Holder / Two More Seconds

2. Table Topper / Lovely Little Handmades

3. Heating Pad Cover / Pleasant Home

4. Mug Rugs / Everyday Beautiful

5. Table Topper / Diary of a Quilter

6. Table Runner / Knitty Bitties

Crazy right? Each blogger left to their own creativity coming up with SIX unique projects all from the same set of supplies.
I love it.
 And I hope you did to.
Don’t forget that you can enter to win any one of these projects by entering here::
QUICK though … you only have until midnight tonight!!
Winners will be announced on Monday.


  1. I would work with a blue, brown, & white, the sand and ocean, compliments so many things!

  2. green, pink and turquoise ^^)

  3. Pink, gray, and white!

  4. Pink, gray, and white!

  5. My three solids would be dark blue, charcoal, and light gray!

  6. I would have to day…light grey…charcoal and yellow :)

  7. Blue – Yellow – Grey

  8. Such cute items! I love them, now if only I had time to try to make them!

  9. reb white and blue

  10. I would be happy to work with blue, green, and gray in any shade. :)

  11. aqua, pink, sea green.

  12. Aqua, red and white!!

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  14. I would work with yellow, gray and green!

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