Phew … where did this week go?!?

life rearranged

Craziness I tell ya. Poof, just like that, gone. Good thing I snapped these amazing photos to remember it by!

So enjoying our almost nightly walks of Daisy girl. This was on the last ‘official’ day of Summer.
I’ve declared Friday night as DIY manicure night. Then I can *show off* my nails all weekend since that’s pretty much the only time I really see people. This is my new favorite color from Julep called Sophie. It’s the perfect graige {gray + brown}.

It was my Sweets birthday this past Sunday. He requested a home cooked meal. He grilled New York Strip steaks and I made parmesan risotto & tossed baby greens. It was followed up with homemade tiramisu.

A *kinda* break in the smoke around here … I enjoyed a long morning run in the cool foggy air. That’s the longest I’ve ran in more than a month.

 I finally cashed in some birthday money {which was months ago} for some Anthropologie latte bowls. They’re too cute to hide, so they are sitting next to my Anthro measuring cups and C&B cookie jar. A very happy little spot in the kitchen. 
Just shouting out a good morning to Jeannett … who wanted a picture. She got me post run … a nice and sweaty good morning!

 My lunch date got the nicer looking me, post shower. Feeling quite bold with this color combination.
Last … because I have been working in the studio A LOT this week {hence the lack of blog posts}::

Two new slipcover colorways.
Get them for $18.00 {reg. $22.00} through the weekend. 
Happy Friday!


  1. I know how you feel! I blinked and poof it was Friday! I’m loving that nailpolish color! And thanks to you I think I’ve settled on wanting to do the Julep Maven boxes over the Birch box! Happy Friday to you!

  2. What a fun looking week. I too adore those bowls I keep trying to talk the hubby into letting me get them, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Loved your outfit on Wednesday! Too cute! You pull those bold colors off so well!!

  4. You looked so cute in your mustard and aqua! Love those new camera straps also :) Have a good weekend!

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