Grab your iced tea and settle in … I’ve got TWO weeks of Insta-love to catch you up on. 
life rearranged
Then again, if you follow me on Instagram feel free to just mark this post as read ;).

As I’ve professed before … when I get home and know I’m staying home for more than about an hour, I hop into my ‘lounge’ pants. I had to laugh {and snap a photo} when I put on this plethora of stripes. 

I love this magazine.
Thank you Country Living for adding to my to-to list:: Must make chevron pumpkins.

Daisy girl likes to sleep under the ottoman. I love her little legs and doggy feet.

She also likes to help me cool off after a run. This month the miles have felt SO hard … mentally and physically {hence the ice pack on my knee}. I’m too old for this running nonsense!
A little crafternoon project. Inspired by this recent blog post, I whipped up this darling bunting using my Silhouette to cut out the bats. Easy Peasy.

Maybe if I take enough ‘dance breaks’ while sewing I won’t have to run anymore. Pandora’s M.C. Hammer station is guaranteed to make you bust a move and burn some calories. 

The Little practices at a park a few miles {3.5 the route I ran} from our house. I decided to run there the other night and then let my boys drive me home.

My old cell phone died.like.overnight. I had to make a impromptu phone purchase. Impromptu is bad. Impromptu = a fancy shmancy smart phone. So in order to justify this extravagance, I should probably have the phone permanently attached to my left hand so I’m never without it. While I’m at it, I should probably name it since I’m liable to spend more time a day with it than my family members. 
We celebrated my in-law’s 50th anniversary this past weekend. My SIL and I took on planning the event. It was so much fun. We had a ‘love bird’ theme with gold, brown and aqua for our color palette.
I’ve finally gotten back to sewing this week and it feels SO good. I started with these two table runners which will go in the shop soon. Lots of behind the scenes holiday prep for the shop and a couple boutiques.

I had to laugh when I walked by the mirror {I laugh a lot at myself when I walk by this mirror} and remembered it was “WIWW.” Well here’s what I wore. It’s either this or the striped lounge pants these days.
Let me also point out the magical properties of this mirror … it takes at least 10 pounds off. I love it until I find myself in a dressing room. Then I hate it and its lies.
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let the Little dress up as a pirate and collect some sweet booty on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Nice one Krispy Kreme! What a wonderful way to celebrate the middle of the week!


  1. Those table runners are so cute and fresh. I love the colors in the aqua one!

  2. I laughed at your mirror comment… I have a mirror of lies too! So disappointing when I see myself in a not-taken-in-front-of-said-mirror photo! I want to make a chevron pumpkin too- how cool does it look?!!

  3. Sandy C says:

    You are so cute! We have a mirror that is a bit like a “fun house” mirror. Depending on which angle you catch yourself in it, it is either really exciting or upsetting. Lies either way 😉

  4. I need a mirror like that! 😉 & I’m loving that love bird theme for the anniversary, so pretty!

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