life rearranged

This my friends, was a very full, very fun last week::

 Before I headed out of town Friday, we woke the Little up early and took him on a “mystery trip” to watch the hot air balloons take off over the city during our annual festival. I couldn’t stop smiling … I mean really, how can you NOT smile at a sky full of balloons?!?
Sitting at the airport admiring my fresh pedicure {by moi}. I used my new September Julep polish, Sophie and then ‘dipped’ the edges with Essie’s Set in Stones. It’s the perfect neutral.
This month’s Julep Maven box also had a black polish, Brandt, and mascara! So fun!! 
Want to give Julep a try? Read here and here. Use this promo code, COLOR2012, and try it for .01

I spent the long weekend loving on this one A LOT. Do you see that little smile he’s giving his Auntie A?
I can’t believe how big he’s gotten in the last 5 weeks!

While waiting {45 minutes} for a table at a most fabulous resturant, we snuck in a little Starbucks date. Finn slept right through it!
*Notice I color coordinated my shirt for Starbucks?*

And clearly he was bored with brunch too. “A 45 minute wait for this? I’m ready for another nap!”

One of our goals was to teach the Bestie how to make Peach Jam. Here’s me “Jam-ing! Bwahahaha.
*And now notice how I coordinated my shirt for making PEACH jam?*

Possibly the only picture of my Bestie and me. We are TERRIBLE at taking pictures when we’re together. We’re too busy talking and eating and wearing lounge clothes to be bothered with photos.

Fruits of our labor … 12 jars of peach jam!

We snuck in TWO trips for Fro-Yo. Mmmm. I called it dinner one night!

Showing off our OPI applique nails {mine are on the left}.

Enjoying one last meal together {I did mention we like to eat, yes?} before I flew home.
*Notice how my shirt matches my nails now? It’s a talent people.*

And lastly … happily back at home, back to running and back to ice cream {er, gelato this time} and Burn Notice with my Sweets.
Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!


  1. Such great photos! That hot air balloon outing looks so fun!

  2. What a fun week! I love all the matching :)

  3. Such a fun time! Glad you got to spend some time with her! :)

  4. The new mug!!! Thanks for including us in your weekend fun =)

  5. Looks like such a great time with your best friend. Makes me miss mine! I LOVE your bicycle mug in the last pic!

  6. Balloons and peach jam what a perfect week :)

  7. Your baby looks just like my middle son did at that age! Love the chubby face! And I just made my first peach jam last week! Yay!

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