Don’t say I didn’t warn you …

… but sheesh, really … two weeks with nothin’ around here.

I’d say sorry, but then I’d be breaking my promise to NOT APOLOGIZE for not blogging when I’m too busy LIVING LIFE. And really, that’s what’s been going on. Life with my best friend and her family here, life with the Little out of school for a few days, life with lots of fabric and sewing.

It’s not for lack of what I want to share with you really … I want to post ::

  • 50th Anniversary celebration pictures and details
  • Insta-Friday {I need to do a major catch up post}
  • Handmade Holiday Promotions {I have a survey going right now on Facebook}
  • October Happy Bundle {delayed this month}
  • Favorite ’31 Days …’ bloggers you should be reading
  • Lego cookie cutters and GIVEAWAY

And the list could go on. But, I’m up to my ears in fabric getting samples done and out the door for Robert Kaufman. I love sewing for them, but it’s always a short turn around and it’s always when I should be going 100% with my shop for the holidays.

The thing is … I can’t do it all. I know that and so I’m taking a deep breath each day, saying a prayer for wisdom and patience and then doing what I can. If I learned one thing from my ‘summer of freedom’ it’s that life outside the internet is where I need to be fully present. I can’t be all things to everyone and when I spread myself to thin everything suffers. I could not agree more with these wise words from Miss Jami Nato, 5% Sucks.

Speaking of life outside the internet, I spent a good portion of the last two weeks soaking up {no pun intended} a little of this::

And a lot of this::

Until I can post again!

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  1. How adorable is that chubby baby. Love all the rolls. Just want to give him a bug ole hug.

  2. How do you carry that cute chunky monkey sweet face baby around..

  3. Life is spent outside the internet, and you are certainly busy doing that! I think I wouldn’t mind enjoying time with a sweet baby. Better than the internet…much better.

  4. Sandy C says:

    LOOK at that cute boy! You’d better be snuggling him, enjoying tea and good talks with your bestie! Glad you had a good couple of weeks. Happy sewing and have a good week!

  5. Live your life.:)
    you are right!:)

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