Handmade Holidays {2012}

Two Months!!
Take a deep breath. No need to panic.
I’ll be honest with you though … I’ve been stressing, and worrying and panicking. Over a JOYOUS holiday that is still two months away?!? Yes. You see, as a Indie business owner with a shop dedicated to handmade items, THIS is the time of year for my shop. The only problem is that I’m feeling very unprepared. After my ‘summer of freedom’ {which equaled almost NO sewing} and then my SLOW return to ‘real life’ followed by sewing samples for Robert Kaufman … I am behind.
{Deep Breath} 
And that my friends, is okay. It has to be. There is only one of me and none of this is worth stressing out about.
So … my shop may be a little more sparse this season, but I hope to have it stocked to the brim in the coming year. It just may not happen BEFORE the holidays.
This season my handmade holiday promotions will be different. In the past I have offered custom “you pick the fabric” sets of some of my popular items at a very discounted price. This year I will only be able to offer a SMALL handful of those. 
The following promotions will be listed in the shop on Monday, October 29th at 7AM MST::



  • Happy Little List Taker – Set of 4 – $65 (plus $5 S&H)
  • Regular shop price – $80 / Savings – $15
  • Quantity Available – 5
  • YOU PICK 3 Fabrics
  • Will ship by Monday, December 10th

**Fabric to be picked from Fabric Shoppe on Etsy. **

Additionally, the shop will only feature camera strap slipcovers the week of November 7 – 17 while I participate in a local handmade holiday boutique. I will be running a promotion during that time of $16 per slipcover which is a $6 savings!!

I will be out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday so everything will ship when I return, the week of November 26th. I will also be updating the shop with new items that didn’t sell at the boutique during that time.

Clear as mud?!? Leave me a comment {and make sure I can e-mail you back} if you have any questions!

I’ll also be posting updates on Facebook to make sure you’re aware of the current promotion and vacation/holiday shipping times.

Thank you for your patience, support and loyalty to my shop!!


  1. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the update on your shop. I am going to try and stay as stress free this year and be able to enjoy the holidays more than I have been the past few years. You have a great attitude!! I have one question…..sorry. Will you have any table runners available before Christmas? Love your work and appreciate all the hard work you put into your projects!!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. You’re making the right choice. :) I have my eye on those list takers…

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