Handmade Holidays

Did you guys realize that today marks TWO MONTHS until Christmas?!? Crazy, right? Well cover your eyes and put your head in the sand if you want to … but, if you have any inklings of making this year a handmade holiday, you’re going to need to get going.

I put together a list of handmade ideas that I’ve made {or plan on making} for gifts … to help inspire you!


Baby Quilt {tutorial by Knitty Bitties}

A quilt is something that will be cherished first by the parents and then by the child. I created this tutorial to make quick work of what can be a time consuming project.

Add-on idea:: Board Books

Faux Chenille Blanket {tutorial by Made}

For the last two years I’ve made one of these blankets for a kiddo in my life. To make it even more special and ‘kid loved’ I add a foot pocket! Just add a cozy lined pocket to the bottom of the blanket where the child can slip their feet in and keep them covered and warm!

Add on idea:: Book / Movie

Wallet {Boys Basic Wallet tutorial by Noodlehead}

Last year’s handmade gift for my Little was a wallet using this tutorial.

Add on idea:: $$ / Gift Card / Movie Tickets

Drawstring Pouch {Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial & pattern by In Color Order}

I just loved making this pouch last year. It does double duty as both the wrapping of the present and part of the present when you pair it with a small set of toys that need a cute container.

Add on idea:: Polly Pocket / Lalaloopsy / Squinkies / Super Heros / Lego Minifigures


Mug Rug {tutorial by Knitty Bitties}

This tutorial has been around for several years, but I’m pretty sure plenty of people are still sipping coffee on a daily basis ;).

Add on idea:: Mug / Coffee Gift Card / Favorite Treat or Cookies


Days of the Week Dishcloths {tutorial by Knitty Bitties}

Who knew wiping down the counters could be so cute {and more sanitary} when you have a little letter stitched on each cloth.

Add on:: Fancy Kitchen Handsoap / Dishsoap

Placemats {tutorial by Knitty Bitties}

I love how versatile this tutorial can be. Create a set to dress up the table OR make a few to be used as decorative mats and/or trivets {make sure to add a layer of Insul-Bright} in the home.

Add on:: Cloth Napkins / Set of Latte Bowls / Place card holders

Pillows {tutorial by Knitty Bitties}

Another gift that warms up the persons home and makes them think of YOU year round.

Add on:: Blanket / Throw

So tell me … are you planning on going handmade with some {or all} of your gifts this year? What are some things on your list to make?!?

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