Hello Monday!

I’m taking a BIG DEEP BREATH … ’cause it’s about to get crazy around here. All good things, but crazy none the less.

Saying hello to sample sewing … I love doing this for Robert Kaufman, but it’s such short turn around, at an already busy time of year for my sewing schedule, that it makes things a bit more interesting around the house. I told my Sweets to be patient with me for a few weeks normal things may fall by the way side, but I promise he’ll have clean underwear every day!

I’m also saying hello to my Bestie being in town for TWO WEEKS. Boo-yah! It’s wonderful, seriously, but if I’m being honest it stresses me out a tiny bit. I want to spend as much time with her as I can and have fun with her … but I have some things that just have to be done … like sample sewing. Good thing she’s got two littles that keep her somewhat ‘home bound.’ I’m hoping we can just enjoy some sweet afternoons of hanging out together with a few out and about dates when we can.

So … those two things together with normal life and holiday sewing means that things might get quite around here. I SO appreciate your patience. I’ll try to update Facebook/Twitter with fun snippets and of course you can find me Instagram-ing if you really miss me.

Here’s a few other things going on currently::

digging:: Mumford & Sons Pandora station.
wearing:: Lounge pants, cami and sweatshirt. Unless I venture out and then I’m probably sporting some color.
enjoying:: Crisp cool mornings and warm afternoons.
coveting::  This sweater & these shoes. Maybe not together, but I’m loving both.
drinking:: Tazo black iced tea always.
reading:: Just finished The Kitchen House and I loved it!! I don’t do ‘historical fiction’ but this may have changed my mind. Go read this book!!
devouring:: These chocolate chip cookies. I’m a chocolate chip cookie snob and these are one of the few that pass my thick, moist and flavorful criteria. I load them up with dark chocolate chips and pecans.
wishing:: I had the time/heart/energy to join in the ‘31 days challenge‘ but I just have to be honest with myself. This is not the time. Maybe the beginning of the year. I know exactly what my 31 days would be about and I hope and pray they would bless some of you reading. I’ll be praying about this one.
working:: See the beginning of this post.

Happy Monday to you, I hope I’m back here real soon!

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