Loving on your house …

I mentioned last night on Facebook that today was ‘love on my house’ day.

As I went about my work today a blog post was drafting in my head and heart. I first want to tell you what I mean when I say I’m ‘loving on my house’ and then I want to tell you why I’m feeling burdened to share.

First, for me, when I say I’m going to love on my house it generally means a day devoted to cleaning and organizing my house typically after a period of time where it’s been a bit neglected. Sure, I could just say I’m going to clean the house, but that typically comes with a negative connotation. Now I really do love to clean my house, but as I thought about it today, the reason I love to clean it much deeper than the physical end result. A lot of times I’m cleaning just to get it done or someone is coming over and I’m doing it for appearance sake. But when I set aside a day to really focus on making our house our home, those are the days I love.

As a stay-at-home mom my workplace, my career and my passion are all wrapped up in my HOUSE. My heart desires to create a haven/safe place for those I love the most. I want my husband to come home from a long day at work and sink into the couch and find rest. I want my little to come from school and feel safe and secure inside the walls of his home. I work to make our house, our home.

When I get too wrapped up with ‘other life’ like my business, church, my friends, volunteering … and my house begins to suffer … so do I and the rest of my family. Setting aside a day devoted to ‘loving on my house’ resets my heart attitude and reaffirms my goal of making our house our home.

I know that so often I can be made to feel devalued or of less worth because I am ‘just’ a stay-at-home mom. The truth is though, there is nothing that makes me feel more valued, more appreciated and more closely connected than when I am truly at home … both mentally and physically. So why not celebrate it and cultivate that love and passion.

I guess I was just feeling burdened to share this concept in case it’s something you’ve never thought of in this way. I also want to encourage other stay-at-home moms to remember their passion for being home and work on cultivating that passion. Being home is a gift … celebrate it!

You may not be able to set aside one day a week … but I bet you can find a few hours a week. You may not get everything done that you want to and that’s okay. Look at your calendar, pick another day and pick up where you left off. Maybe you already have a wonderful schedule set in place for cleaning your house, but what about those other projects (decorating/organizing/creating) that you want to do for your home? Pick a day to ‘love on your house’ and watch how your heart is filled. Make the day special  … music filling the air {I chose Mumford & Sons radio today}, candles lit {I had Woodwick‘s Mojito in the kitchen and Linen in the bedroom} and a special treat {Starbucks iced tea and a muffin}.

I’m ending today with my downstairs {the upstairs didn’t happen … and that is okay} deep cleaned, fresh sheets on my bed, clean rugs under my feet, a re-arranged living room {just to keep my boys on their toes} and a heart full, a spirit refreshed and a mindset ready to tackle the coming days.

Do you set aside time to love on your house or am I just being crazy calling it that instead of ‘clean the house’ day?!?

{Random photos of my home courtesy of my Instagram feed.}


  1. I totally get this and love you for taking the time to write a post on it! I think referring to it as loving on your house is exactly the perspective I need to see it from. You’ve lit a little fire under me my dear! My hubby has 24 hour duty today and I think I’m going to use this time to love on our home so that when he comes home for the weekend hopefully our walls will be bursting with peace and rest!

  2. Great post! I call it spending a little love on my home.
    I agree, it’s very satisfying to have a spotless room with a freshened decor that just feels sooo good!

  3. This hit me right in the face. Because I am at home all day just like you. I run my business. I do school for my Kindergardener. I love on, I yell at…It all happens here, and when Life gets hectic from running the kiddos to their spots or orders are piled up on my table, the house does suffer.
    It is so satisfying when I can finally take a day to “love on my house” I wish it could happen more.
    I wish I had a cleaning fairy… But you do what you can when you can and just do your best right?

  4. I love that concept! Your home is beautiful. I am not a stay-at-home mom, because I raised my three children as a single mom, but the older I get, the more my home becomes my haven. My best days are those Saturdays that I never even have to leave the house. The children are grown, replaced by two little dogs, but my home will always be their home to return to – a place with cookies in the oven, clean sheets on the beds, warm quilts, and [of course] the sewing machine whirring!

  5. I so completely love this idea! My days often seem long and busy (and tedious!) with lots of little people running around me and my home goes in and out of being clean and organized to straight up chaotic! Loving on my house is exactly what I want to do today! Hopefully my little people will cooperate and let me do so:)

  6. That was my day yesterday! Today I plan to finish the second floor – nothing better than clean sheets and having all the laundry done!

  7. I loved reading this post. I am often away from home, and life gets in the way, but every so often, especially with the change of seasons, I plan the day to refresh my surroundings, after cleaning, this usually involves using fabrics to alter our home.
    It doesn’t have to cost a lot, just time, reusing fabrics in a different way. Moving objects around, finding a new use for something.
    Then sitting back and enjoying home all over again!

  8. I really loved this post. I never thought of cleaning my home as loving it. And I love my home…I am happy, secure, warm. Caring for my home and doing those things around the house bring me happiness and gratification. You quote said it all for me “The truth is though, there is nothing that makes me feel more valued, more appreciated and more closely connected than when I am truly at home … both mentally and physically”

  9. Sandy C says:

    Love your front porch view– those trees are growing up so nicely! Thank you for this post. I so struggle with this and your words spoke to my heart. Several months ago, we were cleaning and Andrea asked, “Who is coming over?”. The answer…no one. It did break my heart a little that she associated cleaning with someone coming over. Boy was I convicted about needing to love on our house for us!

  10. You are a Very Wise Woman! Loving your house indeed…has changed the way I clean my home. Staying at home is a gift and a blessing. Dave, my husband, died last November and I always had time for him…maybe not for the house but there’s no regret at leaving the clutter to spend time talking with Dave. We both stayed at home, here on the farm, and worked from home. Now that he’s gone, I’m spending time deciding what is to be sold, given away, kept. God is preparing me for my next season of life; I want to be ready when He says go.

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