Hello Monday!

We’re heading into our first full week of fall track break and I’m saying HELLO to some sweet days with my Little.

Hello to “The Happy Day Project” 2012. I so love that this coordinates with my Little’s time off from school so we can help spread some happy together!

Hello to last minute sewing and prep for a local boutique … Holiday House Boutique.

Hello to rock painting. We’re going to ‘plant’ these happy rocks along our travels this track break. We’ll be sharing an encouraging word or verse on the back side and praying they make someone’s day.

Hello to watching our American freedom roll out on Tuesday {GO VOTE!!}. I’ll celebrate this very important day with my November Happy Bundle Giveaway. Instead of stars and stripes, think ombre and polka dots!

Hello to mild fall weather … hoping to sneak in some bike rides and a hike or two!

Hello to a fresh new week full of possibility!

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Hello to you lady! And happy Monday! Those rocks are too cute. I think my littles would love to do something like that and what a great idea to put a word of encouragement to go with it! I’m thinking we might do this with seashells at the beach! Looking forward to see the giveaway! 😉 😉

  2. We did the rocks earlier this year! It was so fun! We did them in our neighborhood and anytime we went anywhere the kids would look to see if the rocks had been picked up yet. They loved it!

    Enjoy your first full week of track break! Hopefully we’ll see you sometime this week!

  3. Sandy C says:

    Hello to yard work with the sun on my face and little girls’ giggles ringing in my ears! Can’t wait for your holiday boutique :)

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