{Quick Sew} Zippered Pouches

So last Wednesday I took Miss J {my trust assistant} and dropped her off at the spa. I say spa because what I really want to say {and snicker each time I think of it} is I’m taking her for her annual. But spa is much nicer. So we’ll stick with that.

Before we parted ways for 11 days {ELEVEN!! This caused me a little bit of anxiety.} we had one last hurrah.

I had wanted to make the Little a pencil pouch to hold all of his … well, pencils and markers and crayons, etc. It was getting to be problematic in the car or at church with things falling out of the original cases. A quick search and I spotted this tutorial by Noodlehead. I have followed many of Anna’s tutorials {and love them all} so I knew this would be perfect.

Of course, a few days ago I read this post by Allison and Pretty Little Lovelies where she featured a zippered pouch to hold your embroidery thread and tools.  Well … hmmm, two is better than one, so a pouch for him and a pouch for me! {I used this tutorial for my measurements.}

These took me an hour total. That might sound like a long time but that included looking up the tutorial, pulling scraps, cutting, piecing and finishing. 

Here is the Little’s pencil pouch. I fussy cut {very technical term for specific cutting to show off a portion of a fabric} the robots and think it turned out SO cute! He agreed … in fact he said I should sell these in my shop because he thought a lot of people would buy them ;).

All filled up::

My new embroidery pouch::

All filled up::

I haven’t sewn up any zippers in awhile and I was reminded that they CAN be fun!

And now … I have to figure out what to do with myself until I pick up Miss J.


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