Christmas Crafty

The work is done and mama is ready to play …
Watch out folks, it’s about to get all crafty up in here {came from my mouth, never … but it sounds good for the post … let’s roll with it}!!

With just under two weeks until the BIG DAY, I’ve got to get my craft on quick or I’m going to run out of time. So between sewing up last minutes orders {all caught up … quick! go order something so I stay out of too much trouble} and sewing handmade presents, I’ve got a list of crafts going and supplies gathering.

Here is what I’m hoping to make this year::

Sugar “Snow” Globes. No water, less mess, just cute tiny fun. I even bought a little black London taxi to tie a tree to and use in one of them.

Happy Holidays felt garland. This one has to happen {I’ll tell ya why later ;)} … at least one, but hopefully two. One to give, one to keep.

Book Page Paper Chain. I actually ‘thought’ of this one on my own {yea, it was tough}, but haven’t photographed yet … lucky for me I am not that original and found a tutorial to share. I plan to hang it with white lights around my kitchen window. A ‘cute excuse’ to keep white lights up way past December.

Vintage Style Spool garland. The tutorial is for an ornament, but I think they’ll look sweet on a garland for my sewing room. Lucky for me, I have a bunch of craft spools left over following this month’s art mom project in my Little’s class.

Twine Snowman. I’d like to make a twist on this idea and use yarn. Another decoration to put in my crafty space.

Phew … think I can power through this list??

I’m starting on it tomorrow … I’ll report back {maybe after Christmas} and let you know how I did.

Of course, it’s not too late to add a few more … so give me a link if you’ve got another idea I should add to my list!


  1. Love the snowman. He’s so cute.

  2. Julie T. says:

    Love, love the twine snowman!

  3. The snowglobes are my fave:) Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi, who won the happy bundle giveaway?

  5. oh my goodness i love these ideas!!!!

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