It’s starting to get pretty merry & bright around here … what about in your little world?!?
life rearranged 
I love baking year round, but there is something extra special about it during the winter months. I love the warmth from the oven and the smells that fill our home. I also love seeing these two little cuties watching expectantly. 
Speaking of yummy smells … this candle is the perfect Christmas scent, Eucalyptus Spruce. I’m not one to normally drop $10 on a candle, but I splurged {at Target} … and I’m glad I did. Except that now I want more … I mean the lovely graphic design, the packaging AND delicious smell … it’s almost too much to resist.  
 My boys love to grab a blanket and snuggle up on the floor to watch TV. I’m pretty sure it’s because that way Daisy girl can snuggle up too. Can you spot her in between them? {Gah … melt my heart!}
Ahh, the Santa hat. My Little wears this all December {see above photo} and lays it out with his slippers so it’s ready after his shower. I love these signs of life around the house that remind me of how good God is in giving me this family.
Iced venti, un-sweetened, un-diluted {not shaken} black tea from Starbucks. Never gets old.
The start of something very crafty and fun. See this post to figure out what I’m making. I finished one yesterday … one more to go. And … more Benzie felt showed up yesterday which means more handmade fun!
“I chose” a bible study for advent called “Joy! to Your World!” through The Bible app. What sweet reminders God is speaking to me as I read through the story of Zachariah & Elizabeth.
I can not wait to add even more Holly & Jolly to my Instafeed next week and I can’t wait to see all the fun you’re up to as well. Leave me your Instagram name so I can follow you too!!


  1. You have such beautiful handwriting! Most artsy, creative people do…I like the idea of an advent scripture study. I’m reading the Book of Luke since it has 24 chapters. Kind of fitting.

  2. I’m checking in from LR… what a darling blog you have.

    That Bible Study sounds nice. I just finished Beth Moore’s Esther and don’t start up another until the 8th. I could use a little something in the middle.

    And the second the comment above- perfect penmanship!

  3. Love your recap, Andrea! I flunked my Insta-Friday post today. We’ve all been sick and nasty : ( But you made me smile!!!

  4. Looks like a happy week! Glad this week will be happy too…how do I know that? Because any week that’s going to end with a cookie party is a good week. :)

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