Merry & Bright {Four Gifts}

So … how was your Christmas?
Was it Merry & Bright?

Ours was. Lots of celebrating, laughing and enjoying the spirit of Christmas.

I didn’t realize I was going to take such a break from blogging, but as I finished up my orders for the shop and switched into ‘operation:: calm Christmas’ things just seemed to get cut from the to-do list. I did manage to finish several Christmas crafts, handmade gifts, bake & celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary. Add in celebrating with both sides of our families AND an impromptu visit from my Bestie … and well, you can see where the last 12+ days went.

I hope yours was plum full too.

This year we decided to try out the ‘less is more’ idea with our gift giving for our Little. We’ve never been over the top spoilers, but more and more I’m trying to take a step back from over consumption and excess. It’s not easy … most the time you don’t even realize you’re doing it. It never starts with bad intentions, but often leaves you with feeling bad or guilty. I so enjoyed reading these two posts by Jami Nato {okay yes, I enjoy all her posts}. Last year, it struck a chord with me. I wanted this year to look different for our Little {8 years old} too. So, when I read about the idea of four gifts here, it seemed perfect. For us.

Something you want – Skylanders

Something you need handmade – “You’re killin’ me Smalls” t-shirt & The Sandlot movie

Something to wear – Christmas PJ’s

Something to read – Starwars Folded Flyers, Mythbusters Science Fair & Zorgamazoo 

The funny thing is, we set out to do four gifts with our Little, but didn’t even think of doing the same things for each other. My Sweets and I had set a modest giving budget for each other as we often do. It wasn’t until after I opened my gifts that I realized my Sweets got me the four gifts too without even realizing it.

Something I want – Pure Barre DVD {Yes, I wanted this.}

Something I need – Counter compost bucket

Something to wear – Run Happy shirt

Something to read – The River Cottage Preserves Handbook & Free Motion Quilting

My Seester was inspired by the idea too and her and her husband exchanged {4} gifts and set a very minimal $50 limit and donated the rest of the $$ they would have normally spent on each other to a charity close to their hearts.

I loved not having tons of things to find new homes for or a living room full of chaos and toys and just “too much.” We were still overwhelmingly blessed with way more than we need by each other and our families. This felt like a great step toward a holiday season more focused on time together, doing things for others and celebrating the JOY of the season, the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

Now, I want  you to tell me about your Christmas!


  1. Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family Andrea!!

    I like how you wrote this post in that I feel the same way. My hubby and I get carried away with presents for our son and the hubby feels as if he doesn’t have enough under the tree then! I like your idea of four things that’s it…maybe we can slowly ease into that one lol.

    This year we got each other one gift each and then something for each of our stockings. The hubby hand picked out FQ’s at Joanns for me and I got him a rotating waffle iron that he really wanted. As a result, we spent around $15-$20 each. Homemade waffles for breakfast Christmas Day;)

  2. Great ideas! Going to get my son the Mythbusters for his upcoming birthday-yay!!

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