Monday Miscellany

We’re still soaking up the last few days of this holiday/winter break … so today I give you a little Miscellany Monday.

You should NOT …
Go to Whole Foods {new to our area, hurrah!!} when you are remotely hungry and your husband is working {i.e. not there to keep me ‘in check’ from random expenditures}. We ended up with a wonderful hodge-podge basket of salted caramels, bacon hummus {not to be eaten together, obvs}, smoked mozzarella pasta salad {love, love, love this}, blood-orange San Pellegrino & fresh ground chocolate peanut butter. I kid you not.

Go read these two wonderfully enlightening and encouraging posts by two women whose hearts I admire::
Miss Jami Nato / the real motivation
Miss Leslie Padgett / Rethinking Blogging for 2013

If you’re gonna shop, a DISCOUNT never hurts …
If you’ve still got your eye on something from the shop, let me entice you with a 25% discount through the end of the year {which also happens to be today}! Use code ONEDAY25 and save on EVERYTHING in the shop.

If you LIKE to SMILE and you’re on INSTAGRAM, you need to check out Erin / Two More Seconds feed, specifically #dailycici. I die. Too much cute.

SPRING CLEANING has hit really early in our house. I’m on a binge and purge of anything I can get my hands on … that is if it is a half day or less project. I’m recycling, donating, disposing and making lists like a crazy person.

On the flip side, it is still CHRISTMAS AT OUR HOUSE. I have not taken down any of the Christmas decorations and have no plans to do so until next weekend. Perhaps the spring cleaning is a procrastination manifestation?!?

I miss RUNNING. I haven’t been in a good routine in MONTHS. And now, it’s so stinkin’ cold {sub freezing} that it’s hard to work up the motivation to leave the warm & cozy house for frigid air. A NAP is so much more desirable.

I’m NEEDING some routine back to my life. The last two weeks have been wonderful, but as we’re slowly adjusting to a new work schedule for my Sweets, I’m needing to find my groove {just call me Stella} in this new.

Happy LAST Monday of the year to YOU. I hope it’s a GREAT one!


  1. Happy New Year to you, as well. Sadly, our decorations came down last night(because we go back to school on Wednesday). While I love having spaces cleared & cleaned, even my daughter said “mom, everything looks boring now.” Ugh. I miss our tree and all the pretties!

  2. Oh shoot. I had totally forgotten about Whole Foods moving in downtown and now I feel like I need to go. Chocolate peanut butter? Hello!

    I can’t wait to get back to our routine tomorrow! Even though I don’t send my kids anywhere, getting back to our structure is so needed!

    Happy 2013!

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