Hello Monday!
I’m SO excited you’re here.
I plan to love on my house today.
I know I’ll end the day happily exhausted.
It will be the perfect start to the week.

I mentioned I’ve been organizing, purging, recycling and donating like a mad woman the last few weeks … here are some ‘fruits of my labor’ that you might enjoy::

Fabric “DESTASH” in the shop today.

I love all of these fabrics, but I just have more than I can honestly use. I’d much rather send it to one of you to love and enjoy and USE.

I’ve priced *almost* all of the bundles at a great deal of $6.00/YD or less.
Several of the bundles are out of print and very hard to find.
Shipping on all bundles is a flat $5 for USPS Priority Mail {U.S. Shipping}. No matter how many you buy!


P.S. Since I technically hit ‘publish’ on this post Sunday night {yawn} … I’m really hoping to make it back SOMETIME on Monday with a Handmade Holiday re-cap post. It’ll be a goodie. Trust me. 


  1. Yee haw – I want some!!

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