Handmade Holidays {2012}

I know the holidays are slowly becoming fuzzy, but I wanted to share with you MY handmade holiday gifts for 2012.

Sometimes being in the business of handmade can be hard when it comes to gift giving. I have {in the past} felt great pressure {which I put on myself} to come up with wonderful handmade gifts for everyone on my list. But ya know, that’s a lot. It’s an extra lot when I’m already handmaking to fill up my shop for others to give as gifts. So, I’ve started to give myself permission to only handmake a handful {ha, pun intended} of gifts of each year that I’m really inspired to make.

So here is what I made {and loved doing so}::

DIY Magic Wand{s} by Benzie Bazaar  on Heartmade::

I loved making these. A little time consuming, but a perfect movie or car ride project hand sewing the sequins. I made these for three special little ladies in my life and in addition included several books I picked up from a Scholastic Warehouse sale.

Zipper Pouch::

A combination of several techniques I’ve learned over the years of making zipper pouches. I still don’t love zippers, but I keep trying too! I do love my zipper supplier, zipit. She always includes sweet extras like this zipper pull. This was for my most talented crocheting friend … a pouch to hold her hooks. I included some beautiful new harmony hooks from Knit Picks.

Faux Chenille Blanket by MADE::

Gah! This is my third one of these and let me tell you … I think it will be the last. I love the way they look finished, but oh the time and muscle and potential carpel tunnel! The first was for my Little a few Christmas’ ago. The second was for a favorite girl last year … and this one was for her little brother this year {really it should have been last year’s too … but it took me a FULL YEAR to work up the energy to create another.}

For our Christmas Eve celebration with my husband’s side of the family, we have a gift exchange. Everyone brings something {$20 gift limit} wrapped and then we exchange “white elephant” style. It’s so fun seeing what people put together … over the years the creativity bar has started to get higher and higher. My Sweets is a great wood worker, so he likes to make something with wood scraps and then attach a gift card.

This was his gift::

A chicken cutting board/trivet with … wait for it … a $20 Chik-fil-A gift card. Not bad right?

Here was my gift::

A chalkboard sign made from my in-law’s old kitchen cabinets {which were solid oak and thus came to live in my Sweet’s shop for future projects}. I sanded, primed, spray painted the chalkboard paint and then painted/distressed the edges. I used a free ‘chalkboard’ printable as a template to draw the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with a chalkboard marker. A gray grosgrain ribbon finished it off. Oh and did I mention it also had a $20 Target gift card?!? Uhm yeah, I really wanted to pick my own, but knew it would get stolen.

Lastly, this one barely counts as handmade …

I saw this idea on Pinterest in 2011 and loved it. So, I planned ahead, used my beauty supply source and stocked up on A LOT of polishes. I didn’t want to stamp all of tags, so inspired by these, I made my own for easy printing. I think these made the cutest little gifts for my girlfriends. Funny thing … I saw this adorable set on another blog after I made my tags. Great minds in this creative intrarwebs! I love the idea of making it a little bit more of a gift with the Aveda foot relief.

How did your handmade gifting go this year?!?

** Many of these ideas came from Pinterest. You can follow me & my boards here. **


  1. Love those magic wands!

  2. I love making those faux chenille blankets too but you’re right, it does take a lot of time. Have you tried using an Olfa chenille rotary cutter to cut the lines? They make a cutter specifically for projects like this one. The first time I made one of these blankets I used my scissors and lost feeling on one of my fingers for a week (whoops), since then I only use the Olfa cutter and it works great. Instead of taking me multiple hours to do the cutting I did my last one in under a half hour.

  3. Dont those spam comments drive you nuts?!?! I’ve been getting inundated as of late….sigh…

    Anyways, I love love love your handmade gifts! You are inspiring my dear! Those little star wands are a must make!

  4. So fun! Great ideas and great job on those projects!

  5. Love the wands! Love Sam’s blanket! Love the chicken cutting board! Love that I have sparkles on my mistletoes thanks to you! :) Love it all!

  6. You made wonderful gifts! Lucky were the people who received them.

  7. oh i LOVE the for your mistle toes tags! do you offer them as a printable? Id LOVE to use them for this Christmas for my sons teachers. SO SO Cute! Libby

    • I was ‘inspired’ by another designers free tags so I need to check with them … if they give me approval, I’ll do a post and offer it as a download. Thanks for your interest!

  8. Oh I sure hope so! It is sooooo cute!

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