Hello Monday … Hello {DIY Crafternoon Valentine}

Hello Monday!
Hello fresh new week!

Hello to happy mail. Hello to making someones day. Hello to loving others. Hello to crafting making the world go ’round.

That’s what today’s post is all about … a DIY Simple Valentine’s “Crafternoon” Banner Kit sent as a valentine to your favorite crafter{s}.

{I stole the word crafternoon from Jami Nato. I’m not sure if she ‘invented’ it … but in full disclosure, I learned it from Jami and I am giving her credit.}

This is my third “simple holiday banner” I’ve made using Rebecca’s tutorial on her lovely blog, Simple As That. I made one for St. Patrick’s Day & one for Halloween. Both of those times, I ended up with extra supplies which I passed on to my Niece and Seester so they could make a banner too.

So … when I went to make my Valentine’s banner … I had the idea to formally {that made me laugh} put together a little kit of supplies for several of my girlfriends and send it to them as their valentine from me.

I thought some of you might like to do the same, so here are my very basic instruction on how to put together you own kit. I did it assembly line style and had them all {I sent out 6} cut, packaged and wrapped in a weekend afternoon.

For each “kit” you will need::

  • {5} 4×5.25 old book pages
  • {5} 4.25×5.5 pieces kraft cardstock {I like to mount my pages on cardstock to give them more definition and structure.}
  • cardstock “flag” template
  • {5} hearts in various patterns/colors
  • {5} buttons in coordinating colors
  • 48″ string/baker’s twine
  • Valentine Greeting/Instructions

I cut the hearts on my Silhouette SD using this heart set. I sized the ‘aqua’ heart to about 3″ wide and then repeated it on my page.

I made the flag template using a piece of cardstock cut the same size as the book pages {4×5.25}. To cut out the triangle shape, I followed Rebecca’s instructions in “step 2″ except that I measured 1.5” from the bottom.

I typed out the instructions in an Adobe Illustrator file, but you could just as easily do this in Word or something similar. I sized these {4} to a page and printed. On the other size, I used one of the Valentine tags {freebie, also from Simple As That} to create my valentine.

I packaged up the hearts {held together with a paper clip embellished with a bit of ribbon} and buttons in a small bag, then stacked the paper pieces and wrapped it all up with the twine. I put the valentine/instructions on top, slipped it in an envelope and sealed it with a little red/white washi tape.

So simple, so fun … right? And dare I say, for me at least, pretty inexpensive to put together as I had all the items on hand {mailing was a little steep since they had to be shipped as a ‘package’ verses a letter}.

A few of my banner kits in action via Instagram::

Happy Monday! I hope I inspired you to send some love to someone this week!


  1. This is adorable, sweet, and crazy cute! I’ve got a few ladies in my life that I know would just love to receive something like this in the mail!

  2. This was such fun mail to get! Thanks for thinking of me! I’ll be passing it on this week! :)

  3. Such a fun valentine to send! Thanks for sharing the idea with us.

  4. this is so cute and such a good idea!

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