Hello Monday, How-To & Happy Bundle Giveaway

Some Mondays you just have A LOT to share. Today is one of those Mondays.

First I want to say GOOD-BYE to the cold bug that has run through our home. It started with the Little just before Christmas and has made it’s way through each member of our family and back to the Little. I’ve been stuck at home the last 3+ days and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy.

So HELLO Monday and a fresh new week.
Hello bookkeeping.
Hello lunch & dinner dates.
Hello Valentine sewing for the shop.
Hello new camera strap slipcover colorway for the shop.
Hello to a good week to get some things done!

Let’s jump right in and say HELLO to this month’s Happy Bundle Giveaway & How-To::

This month’s bundle is inspired by my {ongoing} goal/resolution to cultivate an attitude of gratitude through hand written notes. Whether it be a birthday greeting, note of thanks or just a card to say hello, I am trying to make 2013 the year that this finally STICKS. Like most things in life, being prepared ahead of time helps things actually get done.

So, inspired by the idea of creating a box of supplies to have on hand, I put together a “Letter Writing Kit” for one of YOU!

{This bundle is put together by me with my own funds (with the exception of any sponsored items listed) and will be shipped by me to one very happy you!}  

Let’s take a closer look so you can put together your own ‘letter writing kit’ {ya know, so that even if you don’t win, you can still be a winner … in the writing department}::

Let’s start with the basics:: cards / envelopes / pencil or pen

Included in the kit::
– Bundle of kraft/print cards from my stash
– {10} pack of blank butterfly note cards/envelopes
– Pencil
– {2} Fine tip permanent markers

Add-on’s will give your ‘generic/blank’ cards a little more personality and charm :: Tags / Patterned Paper / Stickers & Labels / Confetti 

Included in the kit::
– Various sized tags
– labels/stickers
– 6×6 pad of coordinating paper
– felt bow paperclips {made by me using this tutorial}
– gold sequins {a sweet touch to add to the inside of a card … an instant party when the card is opened}

Embellishments are the icing on the cake. Use these to add little touches to your packaging to show it’s been wrapped up with love :: stamps / rhinestones / ribbon / washi tape / thread / twine / doilies

Included in the kit::
– {2} roll washi tape
– {3} vintage spools of thread
– spool of twine
– ribbon
– stamp & stamp pad
– doilies
– rhinestones
– decorative bag to hold all these ‘little bits’

I also included a pair of decorative scissors to quickly dress up the edge of your note card and/or envelope. Who knew I would buy another pair of these after giving almost all of mine away years ago?!?

Lastly, you need something to keep all your goodies together so that next time you need to write a note, you can just sit down and GET IT DONE. I picked up a blank box from the craft store, but you could use something on hand just as easily.

There you have it … everything you need for a year of correspondence.

Okay, not everything. You’ll also need stamps for your kit and you *might* need to add some more cards as the year goes by. But you’re definitely on your way …

{Sources:: everything included can be found at Target or Craft Warehouse/Hobby Lobby/Etc.}

Also included in this month’s Happy Bundle::

Children’s Scarf in Plum // Tags {perfect to add to your letter writing kit}: Chevron Letterpress & Veneer // $10 Digital Product Credit
{from this month’s sponsor, crashnotes}

This month’s sponsor is Erica Hernandez. Erica is the owner and designer behind the Etsy shop, crashnotes. She is full of talent as you can see from this bundle … and you’ll get to know her better next week!

Enter using the easy peasy Rafflecopter widget. Enter once or enter multiple times, it’s totally up to you::

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Giveaway ends Sunday, January 20 / Winner will be announced on Monday, January 21.


  1. I am in the habit of sending hand written notes…especially thank you notes. I think it is very important and somewhat lost on society today. People appreciate hearing that you are happy with their gifts, thoughtfulness, etc. I am teaching my children the importance of sending these notes as well.

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  2. Such a fun giveaway and most definitely something I need to do better at!

  3. Thanks for the January giveaway. I enjoy sending hand written notes to family and friends who live far from me. Love all the items you put together !!

  4. What a great gift! And I love your new attitude toward cards and notes. Seems to have gone by the wayside. I try to make 90% of cards I give or send. Such a thoughtful touch. Have a great week! connie

  5. So cute! I LOVE sending cards when I can! I know I love getting them! :)

  6. I know I would much rather receive a handwritten card and I enjoy sending them also!

  7. I like to send notes to my grand daughters. They LOVE to get mail.
    Letter-writing is becoming a lost art, but one I want to keep alive.

  8. I try to always send handwritten thank you notes! I love getting them in the mail and I love sending them out!

  9. I love sending hand written notes. They are so “southern” and personal! Love them!

  10. Love it – it’s personal, it’s warm and you mean it!

  11. I love everything what nice smell of paper! :) Thank you for your lovely giveaway! Jolana

  12. I love a hand written note – nowadays it seems like a great effort which makes me appreciate it even more. My children are great at giving me notes – I treasure them all.

  13. Andrea, you have such a great talent of putting together happy bundles!! A hand written note is such a treasure today with our “screen” world.

  14. This is so cool! I love writing notes. I actually have a “pen pal” thing going with my old classmate, who lives in Germany now. This would be perfect!

  15. I think we’ve lost the personal touch. So, I love getting and sending notes in the mail.

  16. Personally, I think handwritten notes are somewhat of a lost art. I love getting a little something special in the mail and I know other do to. Thanks for the inspiration and new goal:)

  17. Fun bundle! One of my Christmas/Birthday gifts was a silhouette!! and the first thing I made was a thank you card to send my wonderful in-laws. I haven’t been good about sending card but I’m hoping this year is different!

  18. Fun bundle! One of my Christmas/Birthday gifts was a silhouette!! and the first thing I made was a thank you card to send my wonderful in-laws. I haven’t been good about sending card but I’m hoping this year is different!

  19. i think this might be my favorite of your giveaways yet…. so fun!!!

    feel better soon friend and we need to plan a meet up :o)

  20. I love sending handwritten notes. My husband, daughter and I are involved in running two weeks of summer camp. I send every child a birthday card during the year. I also write each child a handwritten note that they receive at mail time sometime during the camp week.

  21. You do send the best cards so I think this is perfect! I still have two of my favorites from you hanging up in my crafty room. The new house one is my all-time favorite!

    (lunch AND dinner dates – schedule me in for one…when we’re healthy again!)

  22. I LOVE sending handwritten thank you notes. I would love to be more in the habit of letter writing (I was so good about it while my Grandfather was alive, but I’ve let that habit slip now).

  23. What a sweet giveaway!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. I love sending handwritten notes.

  26. Oh, I love snail mail with all my heart!

  27. I love sending handwritten notes. We still hand sign our Christmas cards.

  28. It’s a way to show caring and love 😀

  29. this is an intense little kit! so perfect and beyond in every way. I’m inspired — as always!

  30. this is awesome and i had thought before about making a kit somewhat like this for my best girlfriend… now you have inspired me to actually DO IT! love it all.

  31. I don’t send handwritten notes as often as I would like, but when I do I usually make my own cards, or at least use a cute note card. There is something so sweet about giving AND receiving handwritten notes. :)

  32. I love sending and receiving handwritten notes – but I should send them more often :)

  33. I love writing and getting hand written notes! Thanks for the chance!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love good old fashion hand written notes for any occasion! My nickname is “Miss Hallmark”

  35. I love sending thnak-you notes, and receiving it by the way

  36. I am old fashioned and still love to write notes and send cards.

  37. I try to always send handwritten thank you notes. I also have my 6 year old son do it too. It’s polite and really shows your appreciation in this technology driven world. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I enjoy sending hand written notes when I find the time. I always think about it but don’t always get around to actually doing the writing.

  39. I enjoy receiving hand written messages, thank yous, etc., so I feel others must like it too, so therefore I write. I encourage my grandchildren to write thank you’s too. I would like to start a letter revolution where at least one letter is sent out each week via USPS.

  40. I’ve made it a goal to be more purposeful in encouraging others this year…this would be a great thing to have! Thanks!

  41. I love this idea! I also love to write hand-written notes, but I don’t usually because I don’t have anything to write on except for copy paper. This would be a WONDERFUL gift! :)

  42. I love sending hand written notes. It shows how appreciative/thankful I am to the person I’m sending the note to.

  43. I love handwritten notes!! They are fun to receive and fun to send. My Mom raised me doing proper thank you notes etc…

  44. Love handwritten. So much more personal… Am trying to get my kids to do this more each year.

  45. Should always send note. Linda gerig

  46. Andrea, I looove this sweet idea! Snail mail is one of my favorite things! I definitely want to send out more mail this year, I actually just bought some extra stamps – this would be perfect! :)

  47. Such a fun Giveaway! There is nothing neater or sweeter then a handwritten note to a friend or loved one! Would LOVE to win!!

  48. I love sending letters, but never think to.

  49. I love making cards and sending handwritten notes. I don’t do it as often as I should though!

  50. I love receiving hand written notes and I LOVE sending them! These little kits are so much fun!

  51. Oh my goodness, beautiful! I think kits like this are a perfect gift for someone who is hard to shop for. What a great idea!

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