Friday again, jiggity-jig?

life rearranged 
 Tell me, are you sick of these Insta-Friday posts? I have to admit I’m kinda fond of them. They’re a nice book end to the week past and a good re-cap for me to look back on. But … that it might just be me really enjoying them. I don’t want to bore you … 
I’m hear to please … well kind of, maybe, sometimes, if it fits into my schedule ;).
So until someone says PLEASE STOP the Insta-Friday posts, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on.
Last Saturday was one of those blessed, everyone in the family stay in your jammies, putter and play kind of days. I had several projects going in my sewing room and it just made me happy.
I also made sour cream coffee cake. It was DE-LICIOUS. Seriously, so good. Yet, so not good for you. It’s taking a lot of self control to not make another one. We all loved it … which is rare.
Whoo-hoo! Valentine’s love hit the shop this week.
A few more lovelies *should* be listed this weekend.
Think mug rugs & doilies, coffee coats & felt hearts.
A school holiday means we got to have a Seester/Aunt date. It was a balmy 9 degrees outside so naturally, we chose Frozen Yogurt.
Again … FAH-REEZING around here.
No joke, I wore running tights under my pants to Bunko this night. And didn’t take them off until the next day. Yep, running tights are the new long johns?!?
Getting our 2013 Bunko schedule ready along with our score cards.
Moment of brilliance? Laminating the score cards! Hello! Glad I thought of this after TEN years of making them each month!!
 {P.S. If there are any other Bunko groupies out there, maybe I’ll do a post on these?!?}
Again with the cold …
It’s so cold our Daisy girl has grown 2″ long hairs between the pads on her paws. It’s kinda creepy cute.
I got to spend the morning with my favorite great-niece. I love being her Auntie.
Today we tried pig tails!
One for me and one for ??
Happy Friday / Happy Weekend!


  1. Good for you getting some Valentines things in your shop:)

    I have never played Bunko,but it must be fun since you have been playing for 10 yrs!

  2. Not sick in the least! Love them! The only thing I’ve been having trouble with as of late is that it is taking a bazillion years for your blog to open. Like, go fold a load of laundry and then it opens. I’ve been getting a lot of chores done as of late. Haha! Is it from my end?

  3. my bunko group got tired of the game getting in the way of our good time so renamed it ‘supper club’ and now we get to do what we do best; eat, talk and laugh :o)
    my mom just started a bunko group last week and i’m sure she would love to see how you do it.

  4. I enjoy your instas! And now I’m looking up bunko b/c I forget which game that is…

  5. That coffee cake looks goooood! I may need to make that for Sunday School!

    Love the Bunko cards (but what about the Sharpies?? ;)) So thankful for our Bunko group!

    Loved little E’s piggy tails!

    Cute necklaces! I’ve been eyeing the arrows from Hannah’s shop but I honestly do not need anymore necklaces!

    Happy Friday, friend! Enjoy your guys being home!

  6. I have never played Bunko before. I hear it’s fun. Very clever to laminate your cards. So much less work, I would imagine.

  7. Bunco remarkable (so pun intended) YES Please!! I would SO use these as I too am the one to print & every month I try to find something that goes w/ whatever the current month is bringin’!!! Y I never thot of re-use-able score cards is beyond my creative spectrum, I guess! You are Genious!! Matter of fact, maybe we could come up w/ a score card for every Holiday, month, celebration, etc!! Oooohhhh, maybe re-mark-able Birthday cards also! Bwahahaahaha!
    Thanks in advance.
    LOL – U just made me type out
    b-u-n-c-o instead of y-a-h-o-o!!!

  8. PS. Oh yeah, LOVE the insta-stalk into your life! PLEASE don’t stop!

  9. Super cute necklace…love your instas!

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