How are things feeling around your home? Are you starting to settle back into a routine?
I’d say we were 80% there and then a head cold struck {me} and a snow day hit {for the Little} and well it’s thrown the end of our week out of our control. Such is a life … constant reminders that I am not in control!
life rearranged
Here’s a little look into our week via my Instagram feed::

Another area of the house that didn’t survive my latest purge … my sewing room studio. I just have too.much.fabric. And as much as I would love to continue to hoard it all for myself, that really doesn’t make any sense. So I cleared out a lot, gave some to friends and listed some happy bundles in my shop. 
And you guys whooshed in and bought it up.
That makes my heart happy.
My fabric going to your house to become something lovely.
I listed a few more bundles in the DESTASH section today and I’ll continue to as I’m able to cut the cord with other fabric lines {it’s just SO hard}.
Me and my Daisy girl have been sneaking in quite a few cat dog naps together. Just 30-40 minutes and we’re refreshed ladies ready to take on the rest of our day!
I’ve been SO cold lately {the head cold doesn’t help this matter}. So Sunday, I was tickled to build my outfit together around these two new crocheted lovelies {Christmas pressies} … boot cuffs and a new scarf. This was a warm and cozy outfit perfect for a morning teaching Sunday School followed by Children’s Church {phew, I was a tired mama}.
But … I only got a power nap in before some of my favorite girls came over to enjoy the delicious gift basket Kelly won from Harry & David and The Farm Chicks. Oh yes, my life long friend is THE ONE who WON the GOLDEN TICKET to FARM CHICKS. Oh it’s going to be fun x a zillion this year on our 3rd Annual Farm Chicks adventure!
Monday the snow started to fall just as we left for school … and didn’t stop until it was time for pick up.
I told this one he could put off homework a few hours and GO ENJOY THE SNOW!!
While he froze his hiney off, I stayed nice and warm and got to work trying this traditional white bread recipe. Oh my! It is THE BEST bread I’ve ever baked. The perfect sweetness, crumb/texture … so good. In fact, it’s gone. I need to make more … today! Oh and the stuff that my Seester so nicely pointed out looks like mouse droppings? Nope, chocolate sprinkles. It’s a Dutch thing. Possibly my favorite thing about being Dutch. The chocolate sprinkles eaten on toast.
{P.S. I did not use a bread machine, as I don’t own one. So don’t let that scare you away … you can do it!}

Tuesday after school I treated myself to an at home pedicure while the Little played outside in the snow {again}. He likes cold, I like warm. A little 45 minute treat fireside … and no calories {unlike that evil white bread with chocolate sprinkles}.
And then the cold struck and the Insta-feed has been awfully quiet …
Happy Friday & Happy Weekend to you!!


  1. You are so stinkin cute!! I NEVER thought I would enjoy such a “peek” into someones life like I enjoy yours! It just feels so wrong but so delicious at the same time! Love your Instagrams, keep up the good work.
    Possibly your HAPPIest fan, kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

  2. Oh my gosh, how did I miss that golden ticket giveaway? Congrats to you and your friends, so jealous! I’ll be there at 9am with the crowds, save me some good stuff! I love your blog and seeing the crafty goodness you create, thanks for sharing!

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