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Happy Friday!!

I am so glad to get to this weekend and move into the first ‘real week’ of this new year. Does anyone else feel like they’re in limbo still? Maybe it still looks like Christmas as my house … or maybe it’s because just as the Little went back to school, my Sweets was home {during the week … which feels like vacation days, but really they’re his new days off}. Although I am not wishing away this weekend, I’ll be honest when I tell you I can.not.wait. for Monday. This house is getting some major lovin’ and I plan to reward myself with a nap or a chick flick when I get it done!

So, let’s see what exciting minutia has made up the last week …

I managed to sneak in quite a few naps last weekend and into the extended holiday. I *might* have started letting Daisy girl join me. She gets so excited now when I go toward our bedroom in the middle of the day. Oops!

My Mom treated my Seester and I to a lunch date {I love Mom & Seester dates} at a most delicious {new to me} resturant downtown. As if we didn’t get enough to eat with our lunch entrees, we couldn’t resist ordering the freshly made sugar doughnuts with peanut butter and chocolate dipping sauce. I can’t wait to go back again … just for dessert!

Although I made sugar cookies a few days before Christmas, I got burned out before we actually frosted them. I popped them in the freezer and we enjoyed a post-Christmas icing {party of two}. See, just doing my part to keep the Christmas spirit going.

I snapped this photo of the chalkboard molding in our dining room after I read this post, The Real Motivation, by Jami Nato.  This is the part that made me think of my little sign … so hear the truth:  whether you eat, or drink, [it doesn’t get more mundane than that] or whatever you do, do it ALL for the the glory of God[not for your own glory]. acts 17:25 … It’s such a good reminder. I can’t help but sing it {thank you Steven Curtis Chapman} when I see it!

I have struggled my whole life with being consistent with formally thanking people in my life. I do my best to tell them, e-mail them and show them I’m thankful … but sometimes a written note speaks more. It takes a little more effort and a little more time which I think packs a little bit bigger thank you. I need to set the example to cultivate this attitude of gratitude for our Little too. I’m happy to say we both have our holiday thank you cards written, sealed and {almost all} delivered.

P.S. I think it helps motivate you/your kids when you get to go to Target and pick out cute cards … just sayin’. 

Ringing in 2013 with this amazing blessing {who really needed a haircut … check}. He was so excited to stay up and watch the ball drop {and we celebrated real time … whoa … we were TIRED}. My other favorite guy was on the couch … he’s not a fan of the sparkling cider.

Hello random. My new favorite toy. Purchased on a whim right before Christmas. A laminator!! I love, love, love it. I’ve only used it a few times, but it’s taken me one step closer to my dream of being a Kinko’s employee. Seriously … I really thought this was a dream job {some of the luster may have worn off since my late teen years}. Paper, warm copy machines, highlighters and staplers, humming machines, binder punches … laminating … ahhhh, how fun would that be?!?

Enjoy this first weekend of 2013!


  1. I would be excited to have a laminator too! And naps are always better with a canine nap-buddy 😉 Happy New Year!

  2. our next meet up might need to be at your new favorite restaurant…it could be just for dessert :o)

    i love love love office supplies. those and any type of thing for organization are my weakness. its a good thing we don’t have a container store here.

    we made it to midnight as well. by the time we got home and to bed it was closer to 1 am… whoa tired mama! mauryn was SO thrilled to see the ball drop. she was a crazy girl at midnight.

    we are working on thank you notes this weekend. i finally got them put together for the kids to write out. i love that it teaches them to show their gratitude.

    happy new year friend!!!

  3. ps…. naps are my favorite. i only had one day that i got in a nap due to morgan’s gym schedule and car pooling… boo!!! i am hoping for at least one or two this weekend before we start back up with school and routine {so ready for routine}

  4. When I first started teaching I, too, fell in love with the laminator. I’m mature enough to admit that:)
    And your line about sugar cookies stressing you out? That’s totally me so check out the cheater recipe I found:
    You can thank me later,haha.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Yay for the laminator! It’s oddly fun isn’t it? :)

    You know I, of course, love the SCC quote.

    And if you & Kristen meet up for dessert, I better be invited!

  6. We iced cookies post Christmas as well. I actually liked it, stringing things out a bit.
    (And I swear I was subscribed – maybe not? I’ll do so now just in case)

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