{Shop Update}

I took advantage of a ‘free day’ at home and sewed up a few new Happy Little list takers for the shop in fun new fabrics and a fun new front::

Foxy List Taker // $20.00
Even in our age of digital technology, sometimes nothing beats a note pad for a good list making / taking.
A happy discovery as I was sewing these up today … not only does the larger interior pocket hold your eReader or Kindle {this I discovered several months ago} it also will hold your iPad Mini! {Win!}
I know many people read on their tablets including the bible and various bible study apps. I think this would make a great companion for note taking … don’t you?!?
** Both of these patterns are VERY limited. I only made 3 each and a few have sold already. When they’re gone,  they’re gone. **


  1. Love all the new creations, Andrea !! Heading over to shop – your blog is dangerous for me : ) or my wallet!

  2. I love that idea for the reader and note taking. Cute new products.

  3. Will this hold a Kindle Fire HD?

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