Shut the {Facebook} Front Door!

Get out {social network} town!

Franklin Delano {that’s for you Kelly}!

I am shocked to learn that some of you may be missing out on the absolutely riveting highlights of what not and whimsy … which I post on my Facebook page! {Not really, but saying I’ve been too lazy to post this doesn’t sound very exciting does it?}

{Are any of you wondering where this is going?!? Bear with me … I showered, did my hair and got dressed today … impressive following days of doing only one or none of these things. It’s also my Sweets’ “Friday” which means he’s home for FOUR days. It doesn’t take much to get me excited folks!!}

So, really, I do know that many of you may follow me on Facebook, but sadly due to Facebook’s corporateness or what have you, they’ve decided who gets to see my posts and who does not. Now really, I have no idea if it’ll be your lucky day and I’ll show up in your news feed announcing a fabulous one day sale … instead it might be your best friend’s lucky day. Then you’ll be in a fight because that was really unfair of Facebook to only share it with one of you.

Rude, right? I totally agree.

So let’s fix it, okay? It’s easy peasy I promise.

  • Log into Facebook {as if you needed me to tell you that … as if you’re not always logged in}.
  • Then go to Knitty Bitties Facebook page,
  • Now if you haven’t liked my page, go ahead and click that now. Ahhh, thank you!

If you already like my page, hoover your mouse over the Liked button and you’ll get some drop down options that will look like this::

Gah, look at that pretty page I spent days figuring out how to make. It’s the little things … I told ya ;).

  • Okay, now make sure you click Show in News Feed. I promise I won’t clog up your feed too much!

If you want to get really Fancy Nancy, you can go read this great tutorial on how to Add to Interest Lists. I think this looks fun … fun in the “I like to organize my sock drawer” way {which sometimes I do … so I get it}. Right now I’m feeling like my sock drawer is okay though so I don’t blame you if you don’t take this any farther.

But now … now, you won’t miss things like …

This month’s AWESOME Happy Bundle::

Or me pouring out my heart. Or sharing a re-cap of all my tutorial at 30days {which has a survey I’d LOVE for you to take}. See, good stuff?


  1. You are cracking me up with this post. You must be feeling better! :)

  2. I already have you set in FB to show on my news feeds, but that doesn’t seem to be working since you never show up there. Hmmmm.

  3. Definitely good stuff…

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